Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Bye Bye Birdie!

Good day everyone! This is The Daily Bone and I'm your trusty doggie reporter 
Chester L. W. Spaniel.

In early April, we discovered a robin's nest in the yew bushes by the front door of our house. It had two eggs in it. My ghostwriter took pictures of it every few days.

April 20

April 24

April 28

May 1

May 3

May 5

Today, the nest was empty except for that one egg that never hatched. We hope the baby robin is OK. He must be hiding nearby since his parents, Lord Fitzgerald Feathersworth and Lady Ruby Star-Feathersworth, still sit in the  maple tree and scream at anyone who comes to the front door.

Lord and Lady Feathersworth

We never did find out what the baby's name is.

In other news, my ghostwriter, who you may remember is a nurse and works in a nursing home, tested negative for that awful virus that's been wreaking havoc all over the world. She has been working A LOT in the past week! (Way too much, in my opinion.)

Our Oma tested negative too, is doing well. We just thought you might like to know. 

Moving on, here's a part of the garden with some of the flowers starting to bloom. Things are growing like crazy now! Joey's pear tree is blooming too.

Long time readers will remember good old Joey dog. One of his favorite things to do was to pick a yummy pear right off the tree, and then lay in the grass to eat it.

Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel in 2015

That's all for today's news. I'm going to go back inside. The grackle birdies are making a fuss at me for being too close to their bushes in the back yard.

Hush up over there!

We'll be glad when they move on!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program (or nap) to bring you this important news update. 

The fledgling baby robin was spotted on the ground right next to our front door, not far from the nest. My ghostwriter said she heard the parents feeding their baby, and sneaked outside for a quick photo. We hope he knows enough to hop up into some bushes before it gets dark.

I'm all right!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program already in progress.

American Robins


  1. We are happy to hear that Ghostwriter and Oma are both safe from that virus. Our Dad's sister is into week 3 with it. More than half of the patients at her nursing home have it. She has never been terribly sick, just a low grade temp for a few days, and now a lot of weakness and lacking much of an appetite. It is hard to know how she really feels because she is no longer communicative:( We are just hoping she continues to improve.

    We were so happy when we got to the end of the post and learned the baby bird was still alive. We hope he finds his way back to the nest or at least off the ground.

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

  2. We are praying for that little birdie. We are glad your mom and grandmom tested negative. We pray they continue to do so.

  3. Oh, that is FABulous news that GW and Oma tested Neg.!!! phew! I'll keep my paws crossed that they stay healthy and well my furiend! Oh, the burdie is adorables! You knows, we had lots of baby doves that left the nest a wee bit too early, and they were a-okay. They burdies are pretty good at dodging danger, and Ma and Pop are usually close by to help if needed. I'll keep my paws crossed for the little one!
    Ruby ♥

  4. I love the pictures of your garden as we go into winter in New Zealand. Can I ask what is the small blue flower in the photo with the tulips. It looks like a forgetmenot? If so is it the annual or the Chinese perennial?

    1. Those are forget-me-nots. They are biannual. The ones blooming now will later go to seed and then die. The seeds will grow into little plants for the next year, and then bloom the year after.

  5. We love seeing pictures of your robins. Our nest is "younger" than yours so now we know what's to come☺ It's fun watching them grow. We are very happy to hear that ghostwriter and Oma tested negative, Chester. We pray that it stays that way! Joey and his love of pears reminds us of Mitch and his love of apples.

  6. Morning my handsome Chester and favorite reporter.
    I hope Mama robin isn't too lonely now that your nest is empty.
    Hugs to GW and I hope she is staying well and all the residents she cares for are too

  7. We're glad to hear your mom and Oma are safe for now and hope it stays that way. How nice that you found the baby robin. That sure is an early hatch considering how cold our weather has been.

  8. What a relief to hear your GW and Oma are staying healthy! And I'm glad you found the baby birdie. Too bad his nestmate nevfur hatched.

  9. I'm glad the baby robin is doing okay! And I hope his brother hatches too. He must be lonely!

  10. Yay for negative testing! And yay for finding the missing baby bird. But boo for the left-behind egg.

    Love and licks,

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  12. hey only test residents where I work...glad you and Oma are negative. So far only one employee was positive, and everyone else is fine...phew!

    Hope the baby robin will soon be flying and grows up to be a mom or dad Robin, too:)