Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Never Forget

We will never forget …

We may have run out of words, but we never run out of tears for that day.

Please check out these links to a few of our annual tributes to 9/11/01:


  1. No Chester never...and say thanks to the brave souls who rushed in w/o regard for their own safety
    God bless those who lost their lives and to the families they left behind.
    Hugs Cecilia

  2. Lee remembers exactly what she was doing. We had the gas and electric company here working on our meter. Lee had taken the day off from work. The gas man got a 911 from his wife who worked at CVG airport and a 911 from Duke Energy back to back. Wife told him all planes were ordered to land and Duke told him to come back in cancelled all his calls in case he was need for the grid. We turned on television in time to see the second tower hit. Lee immediately tried to call her home office in midtown New York but she could not get a line into the city.
    Your Friend

  3. No, we here, too, will not ever forget.

    Petcretary was taking her then furs to the vet that morning...and they did not know about it as yet, until petcretary told them what she had heard.

    We had an active National Guard base here with the 110th squadron flying and managing the A10 - warthogs...and while we often heard them, after that morning we dd not hear anything flying at all, it was so eerily quiet.

  4. We will never forget what happened on this sad day.