Friday, September 13, 2019

Harvest Moon and More

Greetings friends and fans! This is The Daily Bone, and I'm your diligent doggie reporter 
Chester L. W. Spaniel. We have a lot to cover today, so hang onto your squeaky toys!

First of all, it's been one week since our big silver maple tree was cut down.
There's nothing left but a pile of dirt.

I'm happy to report the Evil Squirrel Cartel has hardly been around at all, even though the birdie feeders are filled up with all kinds of delicious seeds! There has been an army of sparrows coming around to get their fill, though.

Our next item is from my NC associate Angus B. Terrier.

He sent us a picture of this lovely hawk that came to visit his back porch. Amazing!

Last night, or this morning, or whatever you consider 4:30am, we were awakened by a very strange sound: Who-hoooo-who-who-whoooo! A great horned owl! We couldn't see the owl, but it was definitely in one of the evergreen trees near the north-east corner of the yard. We're wondering if we'll hear him again tonight. (My ghostwriter is kind of hoping he will schedule his next performance before midnight so she doesn't get woken up at 4:30am again!)

Meanwhile, my Florida associate, Miss Charlee's humans are getting ready for their favorite holiday: Halloween! Yipes!

What the heck, mom?

My Jason human sent me this picture of a beautiful monarch butterfly:

They're migrating south this time of year. Yesterday, we saw another interesting sight. Dozens of swallows were flying around overhead in our neighborhood. They were gone by today, so we think they're migrating as well.

And now it's time for our creepy crawlies report.




At the nursing home where ghostwriter works, somebody brought in a bunch of milkweed leaves with lots of monarch caterpillars. Everyone got to see them transform into butterflies, and then release them outdoors.


That big cicada fell out of the silver maple before the tree was cut down, and landed on the ground right behind me!

We've had some changeable weather lately. One day it's hot and muggy, the next day it's cool and windy. We've seen some beautiful blue skies, big puffy clouds, and amazing sunsets. Here are some pictures from the past week, in no particular order.

Hmmm. I should be able to see the moon tonight. It's a special Harvest Moon. I'd better go back inside the house …

… and take a good long nap …

… so I'll be wide awake tonight to make a call to my dearest Princess Leah on the moon phone.


As long-time readers will know, we are a family of science geeks. We think spiders are beautiful and fascinating. But we've been seeing less and less of them lately. In fact, while this is prime season for garden spiders to create their big orb webs, there's not a single one anywhere in our yard right now! We think people are using too many pesticides on their lawns!

However, a very regal spider has made the dining room window (outside) her home for the summer. Her name is Lady Octavia. We're actually pretty lucky to get this picture of her, since she spends most of the day hiding at the end of her funnel web.

OK. If anyone was scared of Lady Octavia, here's a video that will clear your mind:

Lucas the Spider

(How can you not love Lucas the Spider?)


  1. What a fun filled Friday today Chester!! So much nature, so little time!! We always love seeing your creepy crawlies(Mama is weird like that). We have been seeing bunches of butterflies and bees this summer. Both in Texas and up here in Northy North California!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  2. You sure have lots to talk about Chester. We've seen lots of those funnel web type spiders around our yard and it seems we have more than usual this year. That Lucas the Spider is a cutie.

  3. We have seen more bees and butterflies and our friends the spiders this year than ever. We wonder if this means anything. Do you think it does?

  4. It is cool that you had an owl visit. I hope he doesn't wake you up.

  5. Good report, Chester. What a lot goes on in your yard! Mommy still can't look at your bugs, though. Even Lucas' big eyes don't help, BOL!!

  6. We sometimes hear owls way back of our yard, which is close to some wild areas and a big creek.

    We have lots of visiting bees and not a few butterflies, too. Petcretary always has her camera in the wrong place though. She says she needs one at the tip of her finger so its always ready, BOL!

    Maybe your lack of the right kind of spiders is from cutting down that tree?? It changed the micro-climate around your den.

    1. We noticed the dearth of spiders a long time before that tree came down. The other day we noticed our neighbor had a company come and spray some stuff on the bushes in his yard. Too much pesticides!!!

  7. Why do hawks always have to look so intense and mean?! We love all of your pictures but the sky shots are just incredible!

  8. Chester..Jumpin' Jimney cricket what a plethora of factiods and fun!
    Yesterday was buttie pillar day on in many parts of the wonderful blogville. I'm so glad the folks at GW's work brought in the caterpillies for the residence.
    Until today I've only heard a cicada never seen a cicada. Thank you.
    WooHoo so glad the squirrel cartel tucked tails and ran away from your yard.
    What a treat to have family contributors to your report. So much going on. Where in NC does Angus live? Here's too the hoot owl being more considerate of GW's sleeping
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. Hawks and owls are pretty cool. Mom gets the heebie jeebies from all the buggy pictures. We were very brave reading all about it. We're always fascinated about your family's science knowledge.

    Love and licks,

  10. So much happening. One morning walk last year a screech owl scare us. We wish we heard more owls.

  11. What a busy week! I think you definitely need a nap! I hope the owl came back. We have Barred Owls here, and I always love the chance to hear them.

  12. Hey, you wants spiders, come on overs!!!! Holy cobwebs! Big ones, small ones, you names it, they are in our yardie! Ma doesn't likes them as much (okays, not at all! except for the Daddy Long legs, they don't bother her) as you do, so if you wants them, come on overs!
    Ruby ♥

  13. Chester, you are so good at nature watching!! To keep eye on all these activities and being awaken at super early morning are tiring! Have a great nap! :)

    Pinot xo