Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Summer Days

Hello everyone. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

My ghostwriter has been working the past few days, and has many other things going on lately, so we've gotten behind in reading posts by our Blogville friends. She promises she will catch up soon. In the meantime, I'm going to show you what I've been up to lately. 

I did some good running this morning.

With all the storms we've been having, the silver maple tree has been dropping lots of branches. Here's a nice big one! 


And now for my next story.

We've been keeping the birdie feeders empty lately so that the Evil Squirrel Cartel, and the Conniving Chipmunk consortium won't be attracted to our yard. The reason for this is to keep them away from our beautiful pears. 

Sometimes they still manage to sneak in and pick one or two. They take a few bites out of the pear and then leave it lying on the ground. Wasteful buggers! I ate up the rest of one, and it was delicious! My esteemed and late colleague Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel would be very happy with this crop.

I'm keeping a close eye out for those varmints! 

Now for my early Flower Friday report. Our giant hydrangea bush is still blooming like crazy! One of the four siblings bought this bush at a flea market when it was not much more than few scraggly sticks about 20 years ago. Now look how big it is!

It smells really sweet, and attracts all kinds of insects like flies, bees, wasps, moths, butterflies, and beetles. The flowers are starting to turn pink now. Later in the season, they'll turn purple.

Here's a picture of a honey bee and a bumblebee. Notice the bumblebee has a big ball of pink pollen collected on her back legs.

Here she is again:

But there was another bumblebee with lots of orange pollen! 

This is a carpenter bee. She's a lot bigger than the bumblebees. 

I know to leave the buzzy bees alone. 

In other news, my favorite miniature human has learned how to climb trees! 

Hopefully, he won't fall down. Maybe he can help me chase those evil squirrels! 

Ghostwriter found an old picture of the four siblings when they were little kids!

From left to right: Joanna, Jason, John, and Jessy 

Ghostwriter can hardly believe they're all grown up now. The youngest, Jason, will be turning 30 in October! Where does the time go? Ghostwriter herself will be 58 this month! According to a doggie age to human ratio, I am now around 50 years old in people years.

Well that's a good respectable age to be!

So let's move on to the yum yum portion of our report. We keep meals very simple as always. According to the deal set up by my predecessor Joey dog, Doggie Chief Inspector, comestibles division, and founder of the Yum Yum Coalition, doggies always get to sample a few bites of each meal. Yum. 

Ham, baked sweet potato, peas. 

grilled chicken, rice, green beans.

Spaghetti with sauce, grilled sausage, with a side salad.

Grilled steak tenderloin, wild rice, mixed steamed vegies.

Now for our food and doggie funnies. 

The Other Coast

Red and Rover

Dog Eat Doug

I think that's enough news for one day.

Good night.


  1. Wow, dat hydrangea bush is impressive!

  2. Wow, this was one big catchup post. The hydrangea is big and beautiful. We love the colors. And oh those pears, they sure do look very good. No way should the squirrels get to have them. That is a beautiful bunch of kiddos there - look at all that gorgeous blond hair and happy faces. Have a good week.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  3. That is a lot of news. Your pears look delish and we hope those squirrels stay away.

  4. Whew, you have been a busy guy, Chester!! We really love your hydrangea bush too!
    Arty & Jakey

  5. That is a lot of news! I love your fabulous hydrangea. Climbing trees is an important skill that every child should learn. The boys also think they should get a bite of everything we eat. Great update, Chester.

  6. Wonderful pictures of the bees!! and the food too!! BOL!
    Hazel & Mabel

  7. Hi there Chester! Oh wow I don't know what these 'squirrels' are that you speak of... but where I live we have lots of possums! I love watching them in the trees and then trying to chase them when they run around on the ground! I've never caught one yet but I'm confident I will! Sometimes at night I sit out on the front porch and do a possum patrol... Look forward to seeing more of your stories! Lots of licks, your new friend Morrie!

    1. Hi Morris! It's nice to meet you. I hope you come and visit again very soon! I have never seen a possum, but my ghostwriter usually sees them on the side of the road. The only time she saw a live one was when a quite sickly looking one decided to come out and wander around in the middle of winter. Oh, and she's seen a few dodge across the road in front of her car when she's driving home from work late at night. The other night, a skunk did this. Fortunately she didn't hit it or get sprayed.

  8. Wow, what lovely pears you have! And a spectacular hydrangea!
    Sweet kids in your picture!
    Our youngest unfur will be 25 in a few more!
    Petcretary says she is more ancient than your GW...but we are still more or less of the same generation:)

    I hope her knees are holding out until she will get a new one...or both?
    At least that is not something that bothers my petcretary...though she has some other issues of when the warranty is no longer in effect. At least we both can still work!

    MJF needs to read that comic about the taste tester pups...he nibbles here and there, then decides not to bother...but perhaps later in the day he will eat most of it. If he rejects food too much, we use the 'smorgasbord method' which sometimes works...or not...sigh...

    Have a good week, at least the remainder of it. Petcretary will be working this weekend...

  9. I used to have plum trees where I lived before. But I only managed to get a crop once. The other times the weather played havoc and the ones that did ripen were eaten by wasps! I don't think I ever saw a squirrel in that tree.

    Mara from Norway

  10. The pasta looks so yummy! It's hard for mom to cook pasta living in this 2nd floor apartment. The temps can go up to 90 degrees pretty quickly. We don't have ac in the kitchen.

  11. That hydrangea is enormous! Sumpup's got green paws growing that...mine is rather small puny and without a single flower this year
    I need lessons from you my darling Chester, on staying clear of buzzing thingys, I'm afraid their buzzing does make me chase them, a bit like you and the evil squirrels. Those squirrels must be nuts to leave half eaten tasty pears behind
    I am certainly gonna have to come round for tea, your foodables look sooo tasty
    Tell Ghostwriter to take care, not to work too hard and look after her knees
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  12. Oh Chester what a wonderful post GW has many interesting things are going on in your world. I love watching you run and your ears fly in the breeze. OMCs my dear loves pears he would love to have a pear tree in our yard. They look very delicious too. Does your family make jellies and jams with them?
    Oh yes the siblings do grow up quickly my human sis has a bday later this months she will be 40 + a few years.
    Hugs madi your bfff

    1. Ghostwriter used to make preserves and canned fruit when the siblings were growing up, but hasn't done so in many years. Little Ryan likes to pick the pears and take them home because they're just the right size for him.

  13. That is one humungous hydrangea! Bootifur! You're doing a good job policing the property against the thief critters. You earn your hooman foods!!

  14. Your yard is so pretty and we're glad you're keeping it squirrel-free as best you can. Such yummy foodables Dad is on the road this week which means Mom's just eating salads and leftovers, nothing near as tasty as what you had.

    Abby Lab

  15. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! Running! Sticks! People food! People in trees! You live in a very exciting place! Hey, do you ever get to eat the pears??? Yum.