Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Creepy Dead Bug

Hello everybody. This is the Daily Bone and I'm your humble doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

In case you're wondering what this big red thing is, it's a stretched out rawhide chewy bone. You know, the kind with the red meat jerky in it? It was a lot of work to get it all unrolled like that. And yes, it's very yummy indeed! 

But that's not the subject of The Daily Bone today. As loyal readers know, my family of humans are all science geeks. They'd rather watch documentaries about space exploration than the number one sit-com. They'd rather go fossil hunting than to a movie. They have no idea who the most popular celebrities are, and couldn't care less either! Having said that, here's our main subject:

It's cicada time! Every summer cicadas that have spent most of their lives underground sucking sap out of tree roots, emerge from the dirt, climb up the nearest tree, and shed their skin. Now they have wings! Their favorite thing to do is sit on a branch way up high and make a loud buzzing noise in order to attract a mate. They keep this up until the weather gets cool and they fall off the tree and die. If you look under the trees early on a cool morning at the end of August, you might be lucky to find one before the birdies do.

Hey! Can you cicadas get any louder out there?

In summer sometimes bugs come into our house too. Ghostwriter likes to take pictures of them.

A pretty lacewing

Tiny butterfly

A cool and respectable spider

In my house, everybody loves spiders. (I think they're yummy, but we won't get into that … ) We usually leave them alone or else put them outside.

A detestable stinkbug

I found a stinkbug bumbling around the dining room the other night. I did epic battle with it, and was reminded once again that there's a reason they're called stinkbugs.


Here are some of ghostwriter's collection of dead bugs:

Personally, I would have eaten all those bugs if I had caught them first! 

Maybe ghostwriter should give those bugs to my favorite miniature human, Ryan, so he can take them to school! 

OK, now I'm hungry. See you later! 


  1. Cool bug collection. We have those noisy cicadas here too and they are all chirping away right now. Sometimes they get so loud we need earplugs. We have spotted a few on the ground on our walks, but the Momster yells, "Leave it" before we can crunch them up.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  2. We don't gets the cicadas here, so I don't knows what they sound like. The only noisy bugs we gets are the crickets, and I loves those. Ma says you should have warned her abouts the spider. she got the willies. there is NO WAY that would be left to roam free in THIS house! Sorry, butts Ma would have smooshed it before it could jump on her and bite her. she wishes this were different, but it is not. sorry spiders of the world, butts you got to stay outside or face the death penalty! (I would just eat them, over the spidey bridge either way....) The rest of the buggies are cool. Well, that a wasp??! Okays, no ~ wasps are just aholes! Ma hates them too! sigh. See what I have to live with??! Hey Chester, you're not gonna eats all that, are you???? ☺
    Ruby ♥

  3. Mom got some pictures of a praying mantis the other day. you get a lot of cool bugs but we agree with Ruby - spiders give our mom the willies
    Hazel & Mabel

  4. Its a good thing all those bugs are dead...
    We have those noisy cicadas too, and petcretary sees a lot of their 'carcasses'...but she doesn't take their picture, BOL!!!

    Spiders?? Not allowed here either...though some of them try...
    Stink bugs? Yup, they try too, and they get escorted outta here quickly! Even Pipo leaves them alone...

  5. Ghostwriters bug collection looks very much like our windowsill in the conservatory and, like you Chester, I would happily eat the lot if allowed. you nose...we luffs bugs and buttie pillars over here
    And have you seen our furfriend Moth at
    has a new Lizard called Phoenix?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my word Chester....Cicadas are so loud...when they get to going it is like a million bug symphony. Stink bugs OMCs we have not had the pleasure of having them in our yard but our friends in the mountains have the B A D.
    Currently mom is battling with honey bees to keep them off the hummingbird feeder.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  7. I don't like bugs, Chester! I run from them - especially flies!

  8. Your hoomans might be interested in the praying mantis couple living at our front door. Dad said they are going to have some babies. Mom just freaks out and stopped using the door.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. BOL, Chester, my hoomans are the exact opposite of your hoomans. They like movies and concerts and that kind of stuff. In fact, mommy doesn't like bugs so much, she thinks you should post Bug Warnings on your buggy posts! Me, I'm with you: I'd just like to eat them!

  10. That's a lot of bugs. Around here spiders are not well liked in the house. We love seeing them outside though especially late in the summer when those garden spiders make their big webs.

  11. I have those empty cicada cases all over my yard. Pretty cool!

  12. We have cicadas everywhere in our yard. My Golden Retriever used to LOVE to eat them. Yuck! We are not friends of spiders inside our home but love to observe their webs outside.

  13. I don't mind spiders. They eat any mosquitoes foolish enough to get into our home! At least I hope they do. I am not too fond of any flying creepies though. Especially when out on a walk, because they tend to bite and that hurts!

    Mara from Norway