Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Daily Bone Saturday Edition

Hello ladies and doggies, gentlemen and kitties, and hermit crabs too. (Did I get everyone?) This is The Daily Bone and I'm your perturbed doggie reported Chester L. W. Spaniel along with my concerned colleague Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel. 

We have a fast breaking news alert this morning. Someone in our neighborhood has been feeding the Evil Squirrel Cartel! Twice now we've seen one carrying a big dinner roll! They are getting mighty cheeky lately because of it. You've seen alias Twinkletoes looking into ghostwriter's office window as if he's expecting a handout. Well now, they're diving from the roof trying to get into the window birdie feeder. In fact, here is a picture of Mr. Fatty White-ears right inside of it eating birdie seeds (below.) Sorry it's not a good picture, but you get the gist. Ghostwriter banged her knuckles on the window and the squirrel didn't even react. Talk about pretentious! This feeder has, up until now, been impervious to squirrel invasion because it's too high up for them to jump from the ground, and the top is too slippery for them to catch when they drop from the roof.  However, now they have figured out how to grab onto the suet cages. Dastardly miscreants! 

Meanwhile two more heinous criminals were sitting in the pear tree, waiting for their turn. 

Needless to say, I sent them all packing! 

You'll notice that there is no snow on the ground. It all melted overnight and we were left with lots of mud. I have no problem with mud. However, my humans would rather not have me track muddy footprints all over the house. So I know the routine. 

Hurry up in there, Dad. I need to use the bath tub!
And now we'll go to Joey, Doggie Chief Inspector, comestibles division and founder of the Yum Yum Coalition with his Food Report.

Thanks Chester here we have stir fry chicken with vegetables and Udon noodles, with oyster sauce. Yum!

Jamaican jerk salmon, sweet potato, rice, and vegies. Perfect for some tropical warmth on a cold day. Delicious.

An old favorite: grilled cheese with tomato soup. Comfort food at its b est!

Please do not feed the squirrels!

You can feel free to remand left-overs to me for safety.

In other news, our good friend Carol sent us some pictures of her new kittie, Pixie.

Pixie has already begun learning how to use the computer! I'm sure she'll have a wonderful and lucrative career in computer services and social media. Good luck Miss Pixie!

Finally, our ghostwriter has to go to work this evening from 3 to 11:30PM. I plan to keep watch at my drive-by barking window. 

I already see an evil squirrel pretending to be hiding in the pear tree. Do you see him? 



  1. OMD OMD WE are Rolling on the Floor over your comment... claiming DIBS on the Manure Spreader..
    WE are STUNNED the Squirrel Cartel has taken it to a NEW HEIGHT... THAT is HARD to believe butt... the picture PROVES IT... Squirrels are SOOOOOOO Vile and Evil... You really have your Paws full with this Criminal Cartel. Keep up the surveillance ..

  2. Those naughty squirrel dudes, at it again. They must live by the adage: 'Never, Never Give Up'.....Grrr!

    Time to relocate those suet holders...

    Our snow got rained on,and now we are waiting fur the next dumping...tonight and tomorrow.

  3. we always knew the squirrels were devious - give them inch and they try taken over the bird feeder

  4. No snow is a good fing, means your paws stay warm. Do yer nose I fink everyone should have a Pixie. Really good to catch up wiv yer guys.
    Luvs Freya Rose Blossom and her Ark x

  5. The squirrels would do much in the way of mayhem to get some soup and a grilled cheese sandwich.

    Abby Lab

  6. You need to get this squirrel trouble under control! We cannot believe someone would actually feed them. What are they thinking??????????????

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Those evil squirrels must be contained!!! They never seem to quit, but we are happy to see you chased them away for now.

    We might get some snow (flakes) overnight:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  8. Keep those squirrels on the run, Chester! Those yummy meals always have us drooling here, Joey.

  9. OMD...Someone needs to investigate who the squirrel feeder is and have a stern talk with them!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo