Thursday, March 30, 2023

All of Winter In a Day

 This is The Daily Bone, Princess Edition, and we're your junior doggie reporters Rosie and Baby Spaniel. This is us early yesterday morning: 

It was a nice morning, with just a little frost on the grass. But the weather report on every local TV channel said to watch out for a big snow squall with very high winds that was supposed to hit later that day at 5PM, and last for about one hour. We found that hard to believe with the sun coming up in the blue sky, and all the birdies singing. 

We even found some little yellow daffodils blooming.

Our ghostwriter said that weather reporting has become very precise and accurate, and that she believed the storm warnings. We puppies were still skeptical, but we kept a watch of the sky anyway. 

Sure enough, gray clouds moved in from the west. High winds started and made all the trees and bushes shake. At exactly 5:45PM it started to snow!

It snowed like crazy! We went out to see for ourselves, and were quickly coated!

About one hour later, it stopped, just like the weather report predicted it would.

There was even a nice sunset.

We had lots of fun running in that snow before dark. You tell by all of our footprints.

Then we settled down for a good nights sleep. 

This morning it was bright and sunny and most of the snow was melted. 

Well, we guess our ghostwriter was right to believe the weather reports. (There sure is a lot to learn!)

Note from ghostwriter:
I'm trying to teach the pups how to strike a pose for the camera, using some treats to get them to sit still and look up. I got a couple good shots. But most looked like these below. Silly pups!


  1. We got the rain and the wind and the cold temps and an icy walkway and driveway this morning. You girls made out better than I did!

  2. It sure has been some crazy weather in our neck of the woods lately. You two sure look like you were having fun playing in the snow. Too bad it didn't stick around. We know winter must be over because our plow service came and took out their stakes along our driveway.

  3. Spring snow is good because it doesn't hang around long enough to turn brown

  4. We are super-impressed with the accuracy of your weather forecast. Gail tells me that they are much better at it here in the UK than formerly, but predicting whether or not it will snow and how much seems still to be a problem. I love snow and am happy to see the two princesses enjoying it too.

  5. Wow! What a day...and what pretty snow!
    Rosy & Sunny

  6. It was like that here too, on Thursday. And last night we had a bad thunderstorm...and we might have a snow squall again...

    You gals sure had fun in that snow. Have you tasted it?

    We know what its like to get us to look nice for the camera...way more bloopers than good ones! At leasst out of 100 there might be one or two good ones.

    Somepup is laughing at you, GW!! (Last picture)

  7. You girls are getting great with your poses! We also got more snow . . . we think we will live in winter forever. Lee and Phod

  8. Rosie and Baby, you're doing so well. Chester and Joey Dog must be so proud of your progress. Yes, we had some crazy weather in March... hopefully real spring will arrive to your place and ours!