Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Smurf City and Other News

Greetings friends and fans! This is The Daily Bone and I'm your diligent doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

Sorry it's been a while since we last posted. But I have a lot to report today, so I'll get right to it!

We have had a lot of rain lately, plus cooler weather. Those conditions are perfect for mushrooms! Thousands of them! I know there is a scientific explanation for all those mushrooms growing, and it involves fungi eating the buried roots of the old silver maple that got cut down in 2020. But I'd rather have a little fun and pretend this is a Smurf City. 

As you might know, the Smurfs are fictional cartoon characters who live in mushroom houses. The real estate business has been booming around here, and the Smurfs have built a huge city just since last night's rains. 

Check out this sprawling suburban landscape! 

Not all of the Surfs could afford to live in the suburbs. So they also built these high rise projects:

Beyond that are the slums. Can you see how the ones on the right are decaying?

On the other side of town live the rich Smurfs in their fabulous estates. 


I think that was a better story than just a bunch of toadstools popping up from the ground. 

Moving on, as we continue to look for interesting things, we've been seeing a lot of these spindly crane flies. Don't worry. They're perfectly harmless. 

While digging in the yard we found these huge grubs. We think these might be some kind of June bug grubs. 

Here's a katydid. It looks just like a leaf!

We don't have many flowers left. But here are some:

We had to put this pumpkin in the house because the Evil Squirrel Cartel was showing an interest in it. We were lucky to open the door at just the right time, and catch one of those tree rats about to take a bite out of it! Rotten squirrels! 

Now here's my next story. As you know, my ghostwriter is supposed to be retired from her job, and spending more time at home with me and Dad. But guess what? She's still been going to work! 

She says the staffing has gotten so low at the nursing home that her boss asked her to please fill in for a few days. She also says that staff shortages have become a huge problem for nursing homes and hospitals everywhere since the covid pandemic, and it's even getting worse! Hopefully my ghostwriter won't become this unfortunate soul: 

My kitty cat cousins Tibie (aka Tiberius) and Hanni (aka Hannibal) reminded me that their human is going to nursing school right now. 

While they sometimes get a little upset at the amount of time she spends at class, and at her new CNA job, not to mention the homework, they support her efforts for the greater cause.

For my last story, I'd like to show you some pictures of our ever-changing skies. Here they are in no particular order:

We interrupt this program for a fast breaking news story! I'm your doggie reporter on the site of the mass destruction. 

Hurricane Gargamel has just passed over Smurf City, causing widespread devastation. 

Many Smurf houses were totally flattened.

Some were completely shmushed.

The high rise Smurf housing projects were obliterated.

However, many other abodes were relatively unharmed. 

Spokesbirdie for the Smurfs, Mr. Redson T. Cardinal, made a statement that all the residents of Smurf City had early warning and took shelter. 

Rebuilding will commence immediately. 

We now return you to your regularly scheduled sunset already in progress.


  1. We love your Smurfville tales, Chester. Our mom obliterated a bunch of Smurf houses when she mowed the lawn too. We sure hope your mom can start enjoying more retirement time and not have to work so much but that is nice of her to help out.

  2. Don't eat the Smurfs you will be pooping blue for a month.

  3. We have smurf cities here, too...and not a few countryside estates as well! BOL!

    They get decimated on a regular basis, but somehow they are industrious and always are able to rebuild before the next wave of noisy destruction obliterates them again.

    Loved all the geese formations in your sky pics!
    Crane flies always make me think they are monster mosquitoes!

    We sure hope your GW can get her official retirement soon...we know all about those staffing issues, we hear petcretary complaining about that a lot. And she is a CNA, aka a caregiver/slave...sometimes there are 17 or even more peeps she has to take care of. It is hard to render proper care of her seniors under those conditions. The other day there were three nurses, and 4 CNA's to look after 68 peeps. *her* fitbit said she walked 15 miles on that shift.

  4. Bummer that Smurf City got smushed. Love the flowers! They are always so cheerful to see at the end of September. Ghostwriter is a gem for helping out and I'm sure they know it and appreciate her.

  5. Mortgage rates have gone up very high and rents are increasing too, so the new construction of Smurf City will be unaffordable for most smurfs and smurfettes we fear ... your extensive reporting is, as always most admirable.

  6. Chester OMDs you are 100% an Ace Reporter you did indeed have lots to share.
    I hope and purr GW will be home for good before the snowy season so she doesn't have to go out into it each day. Smurf City BOL MOL LOL. We are hopefully going to buy our pumpkin soon. We've had problems in the past with them sharpening their toofers on ours.
    Good luck Tibi and Hanni's mom
    Hugs to you, GW and Dad

  7. Whew...Glad to see some of Smurf City survived the devastation!

  8. Oh my goodness, who knew a whole Smurf city could appear, develop fancy neighbourhoods and slums, and then by destroyed, all in the space of a single blog post.
    Great stuff Chester!