Friday, September 2, 2022


Hello everybody. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel.

It's hard to believe it's already September! It seems like August went by way too fast. 

 My ghostwriter is now officially retired! Everyone keeps asking her if she's going to have a big party, or go on a trip, or something like that. Problem is, she's actually sad about it. She says, while she doesn't miss the hard, and often nerve wracking work, she does miss her team, and her patients. 

So this week, she's just taking it easy, and not rushing to do any of the myriad of projects that need doing in the house and yard. 

In other news, our backyard pear tree is loaded with fruit! We must have picked, and picked up, 100 pounds so far! Ghostwriter has been sorting them out for the last few days. Many of them are too small, or have damage from the recent hail storm, and from the tree branches rubbing against them. Those that fell to the ground were quickly attacked by ants, wasps, squirrels, and even the bunny. 

All of those pears were gathered up and dumped into the compost. The better ones were put into 8-quart baskets and set at the bottom of our front yard for the neighbors to take for free. (There were a lot of takers!) There are still plenty of pears on the tree, but we're going to need a ladder to reach them. 

Here's an old picture of my late, great doggie brother Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel doing his favorite summer time activity: laying in the grass eating a yummy pear. 

In case you're wondering, I am doing better. I'm still only eating canned doggie food that ghostwriter feeds me with a spoon. But I'm starting to get more interested in my dry kibble. Although I'm still limping around on my arthritic legs, I do enjoy going for very short walks just to check out the pee mail. 

Now here are the amazing things we saw from our own yard just by looking up, and looking down.

Flying photo bomber


Moon rise

Ant nest under a rock

Little purple mushrooms

See you later!


  1. Congrats to your Ghostwriter on her retirement. We know we sure enjoy having both our pawrents around every day since their retirement. That sure is a lot of pears from your tree. Your neighbors must love all the free fruit you give away. We're glad to hear you are doing well and hope you help Ghostwriter learn to take it easy now that she is retired.

  2. Retirement is a difficult adjustment but we are sure your mom will enjoy it

  3. Our pawppy recently retired too. Good thing, cause now he has some health issues to deal with.

    We are glad you are eating, but wow, a are pampered! We know petcretary would do that, too:)

    What a bumper crop of pears!! Nice to share them with the neighborhood,
    If you go to someone's home for dinner, they might serve you pears for dessert, BOL!

  4. I like ghostwriter's idea of just taking it easy. You sure got a lot of pears, Chester! Our apple tree has zero apples on it this year and we are sad because the deer will not come into our yard to snack this year.

  5. Hello Handsome Chester
    WooHoo to GW on her retirement. I know what she means. I missed the interaction with all the students and professors when I retired too. I am thankful for a wonderful job, friends and work environment. Now GW and Dad will have to establish a good routine now that both are home..I'm sure you will help. At least no terrible driving in the winter for GW

    I'm so happy to hear you are eating better keep it up.
    STAY away from the pears OMDs those are some evil insects.
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. Hi Chester, it's good to hear you are showing a bit more interest in your food. We are thinking Ghostwriter will settle into her retirement soon enough. Gail tells me she had all sorts of plans for travel when she retired in March 2020, and then guess what, Covid happened and she barely went anywhere for two years. Ah, the best laid plans...

  7. Congrats to your ghostwriter on her retirement. I retired in 2019; it was difficult at first, now I can't imagine having to get up every morning for work. I had hoped to travel but COVID put the brakes on that. I did go on a ten week camping trip this summer and next year have a river cruise on the Danube booked.

  8. We are so glad you are feeling a bit more like eating Chester!! We also congratulate GW on her retirement...and know it can be rough adjusting.

    What beautiful skies all year round you all have in your corner of Blogville!
    Rosy and the Gang

  9. Happy Happy Retirement Ghostwriter!! OMD! She worked SO hard day and night, weekdays, weekends and holidays!! You're well deserved to take it easy for a long time!!!! Chester, glad to hear you're eating wet doggie food. My paws cross for your full recovery. Juno

  10. Hi friend, Ojo here! I love pears! I do not love wasps - grrrrr-snap-bite! We are glad to hear you are eating from a spoon like the true king that you are! Congratulations on your person's retirement!

  11. She has more time for you! That is grrrrrrrrreat!