Saturday, May 28, 2022

Ups and Downs

 Hello everyone. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your diligent doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

We have a bumper crop of irises this spring in every color imaginable! 

My ghostwriter says it's because I did a good job of not stomping on them.

Say, what?

I'll have you know, I also did a good job of watering them. Speaking of water, we had a couple rainy days, and now there are hundreds of tiny mushrooms all over the back part of the yard. 

This evening it started to snow! 

I kid you not!

Well, it's not really snow. It's millions of fluffy seeds from the local cottonwood trees.

Now, unfortunately, I have some sad news to report.

A couple days ago, the remaining robin's nest had eggs starting to hatch. 

But two days later, when we checked on their progress, this is what we found: 

They were all gone without a trace! We think some kind of predator might have found the nest.

Personally, I think it was that crummy, rotten squirrel that's been hanging around the bushes in the front yard. Grrrrrrr!

Mother of Nature

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  1. Such pretty irises! Momma missed seeing them this year.

  2. Your Irises are just gorgeous and you have so many colors! The same thing happened to our robin babies a couple of years ago. It's sad.

  3. You sure have lots of pretty iris in your yard, Chester. We're sorry to see the baby robins didn't make it and hope the parents try again soon.

  4. So sad about those robin hatchlings.We once had a nest of Blue Jay hatchlings, and when petcretary rechecked them the next day, all that was left were some feathery fluffs. Sheesh:(

    Your irises and other greenery are so pretty! We have a few irises, but none are a gorgeous as yours. We think they are 'heirloom ones' from years ago, they were here before pawppy bought this house way back in 1983...and it was built in 1907.

  5. Chester your Irises are absolutely breathtaking. OMDs kudos to the gardener.
    My friend in PA had a similar incident with her robin eggs. She thinks the parents were new to parent hood first the next was rather poorly constructed and in a back location.
    Happy Spring in WNY Chester!!
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. Baby birds are having the worst luck in your yard this season, C. That said, the irises are doing great. They are very beautiful! Also, don't eat the mushrooms. Mom tells me mushrooms will make my brain crazier than it already is.

    Love and licks,

  7. Oh my doggie dog, Chester ~ your Mommy is one fine gardening lady (in addition to her busy working schedule, all her amazing photos, and watching over the birdies, and you - of course!) How beautiful, a veritable garden of Eden.

  8. Hi friend, Ojo here! We are sorry to hear about your birds! But happy to hear about your flowers! They must be so lovely because you did such a good job watering them!

  9. Hello Chester! Oh... so sad about baby birdies!! A good news is that your garden looks fabulous!

    P & M mom

  10. Hi friend, Ojo here again! We hope you are well and haven't had any more snow!