Tuesday, March 8, 2022

The News

 Greetings friends and fans! This is The Daily Bone and I'm your diligent doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

Sorry we haven't been around much lately, so I'll begin right away. My first story is about my health. The vet finally diagnosed me with something called Cushing's Syndrome. I'm OK and getting medication for it now. But it took a long time and lots of vet visits to finally figure it out, including blood tests, an ultrasound, then more blood tests, and in the meantime, my annual check-up with shots. My ghostwriter says I'm getting to be quite an expensive doggie! 

Well, I'm worth it, right?

My next story is about ghostwriter's job. She was so glad that they finally hired some new staff at the nursing home where she works. She was actually able to take a week off  in February! Wow! But then due to certain circumstances, some of them quit. So they're back to short staffing again! Meanwhile, one of GW's coworkers has family in Ukraine. If you've been following the world news, you'd know some terrible things are going on there. The nursing home is starting a collection of items that are badly needed over there. We urge you to go to your own local charities and find out if you can donate items for the Ukrainian people too. 

Weather wise, it's been a roller coaster ride here in WNY! One day it's warm and sunny, and the next it's snowing! Here are some pictures of our changing weather:

Snowy day with mourning dove

Lots of birdies

Morning sun with halo

Mud season

Flock of cedar waxwings on a gray day

Snow plow*

Sunny again!

Surprise snow!

Midnight bunny

Chinook chopper in blue skies


Good night!

* The snow plow always reminds me of my esteemed late associate, Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel and our 


  1. We have been on the same weather roller coaster too. We are sorry about your mom's job. They are very kind to raise money for Ukraine. We think you've got this Cushing thing beat with no problem now that it has been identified

  2. Yo yo weather is happening here, too.
    The starling brigade has invaded and makes daily forages to steal lots of the seeds we put out for the other species.
    We now have a supposedly starling proof mealworm feeder, but those rascals have figured it out. So with some modifications it thwarts them a bit better. Now if only thhe bluebirds would come by more often.

    At least the squirrels can't climb up our stove pipe barrier, LOL!

    Sorry that you have Cushings disease, Chester. Hopefully the medicine will be very helpful.
    There is that kind of staffing trouble where petcretary works, too...they get new staff and then they quit, sometimes even before they really get started. Phooey. The other day, there were 3 nurses and three cna's to look after 60+ peeps. That is not good at all.
    At least the covid is not in there right now, thankfully.

    The Ukraine situation is just horrible:(

  3. We hope your vet will prescribe whatever you need for your Cushings, Chester. Donating clothing is a wonderful idea! We have this same nutty weather pattern here too.

  4. It's good to hear from you, Chester. Sorry to hear you've had lots of vet visits but it's good to know they figured out what was going on. Our paws are crossed that the medicine works well for you. The weather sure has been on a roller coaster around here lately and the weather peeps are calling for lots of snow this Saturday, too. We have our paws crossed for everyone in Ukraine.

  5. Hello Chester, I really hope that meds will ease Cushing's syndrome. Let's hope real spring is around the corner. Take care.

    Momo and Pinot's mom

  6. Hi Chester (nice napping you gots going on there). Sorry about your "sick stuff", but happy it is under control, paws together it stays that way, OK? OK! We have nothing to say about the weather, oh, except, as usual, the ghostwriter has shown us some wonderful photos of it ... and now we will close by saying Thank You for doing your part to help all in need, far far away, that is a good and kind thing.

  7. Dearest Chester and GW
    I'm so thankful you have a diagnosis and are on the proper meds to give you energy to do your perimeter patrols. I am so sorry that GW's employer has had such a time keeping staff. Seems no one want so work. So many help wanted signs here in all types of businesses.

    Next time GW sits down giver her a hug and ask her to hug you

  8. I'm sure your meds will keep you feeling just fine now, Chester! Tell your mommy my mommy prays fur her and all de health care workers, and also fur dat Ukraine place. My pawrents have friends dere, and also one in Russia who is in trubble fur protesting de war. Hoomans can make de biggest messes!

  9. Looks like we're getting the same weather. So sad about things in Ukraine.

  10. Chester please thank GW for letting me know about Pinot's passing. I borrowed the photo of him from his Wed post. It is now up on POTP
    Hugs Cecilia