Thursday, February 10, 2022

Epic Icicles and Other Winter Tales

 Greetings everyone. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

As you can see, we have snow, and lots of it! A big storm moved through the area and it snowed non-stop for almost three days! My humans were not very happy to have to shovel all of that from the driveway. 

But it finally stopped and the sun came out!

And so did all the local critters. 

I'm still waiting for that peanut butter sandwich, dogface!

Oh yeah? Forget about it!

Lily sent us a picture of herself playing in the deep snow.

We also saw a bobcat go by:

Wait a minute. That's not really a bobcat, is it?

But then a different character showed up. 

Hey, what's this?

I've never been up here before.

There's suet on this side too.

Are those seeds under there?

This is the little red squirrel that we see occasionally. He never tried to get into the window feeder before. In fact whenever he saw any movement in our window, he'd be gone in a flash! He must be really hungry! 

He seemed polite enough. We'll see if he comes back. Meanwhile, Sid starling returned.

What's with those squirrel type dudes eating at MY diner?

I got reservations here with my girlfriend Shirley!

I didn't know we took reservations. Oh, and I almost forgot! I was going to show you some incredible icicles. So without further ado, here they are:

We still have a few weeks left of winter. We hope everyone stays safe and warm! 


  1. We sure got walloped with snow didn't we, Chester? It's been nice that the temps have been above freezing so the snow has melted a little bit. We're surprised the little red squirrel came to your window feeder. We have some in our yard too and they definitely are more skittish than the grey squirrels. BTW we also have had a Carolina Wren at our house this winter.

  2. Nothing loves snow like kids and dogs. Those icicles look scary.

  3. It was 70* at my house today. Just sayin'...
    Those are some spectacular icicles, though! Stay warm!

  4. Whoa - those are incredible icicles and while you were getting snow, we were getting rain here. Who wants rain in February?! You are such a handsome boy, Chester.

  5. Chester those are some of the most amazing icicles I have ever in my life seen. WOW
    Ummmm my evil mind is thinking that rodent who called you dog face needs a serious attitude adjustment.
    I bet his tune will change when it is warm and you can give him a run for his money. Give your photographer a high 5 for snapping the bird in flight photo
    Lily is a beautiful little girl!!
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. Hi Chester, first off we have to say we just LOVE every photo the GW took of you, you are more handsome each time we see you! Looks like you really enjoyed being out in the big snows, too ... and we thought your little red squirrel friend was so cute ... take care, and keep warm.

  7. Whoah...that is a lot of snow Chester, and those icicles are epic!!
    Rosy,Sunny & Jakey

  8. Oh wow, C. That wall of icicles is amazing! Winter at your house is REALLY winter! It was freaky-50 degrees at my house today, and I took my first street nap of the year!

    Love and licks,

  9. Hello Chester and GW! Chester, you look so handsome out there in that snow! But I don't envy how much you have, we don't like to shovel either, although I'd take it over the crazy ice we had a couple of weeks ago! I do think that little red squirrel is a real cutie, and I think after 3 days of snow, I'd be hungry enough to venture out for something different and good to eat too! 🥰

    You all take care, stay away from those icicles - Which by the way, folklore legend says that their length says how much snow will be coming. YIKES!!

  10. That is a lot of snow. We hope the ghostwriter didn't have to drive too much in it while it was falling. Enjoy it and we hope it doesn't last too long. Lee and Phod

  11. Wow Chester, those icicles are amazing. And what a lot of snow. No wonder the humans are tired of shovelling!
    Toodle pip!

  12. Those icicles are like a wall of daggers waiting to kill something. Yikes!! (we get those too, and we take the roof rake to them and down they all come!).

    Little Red, will get very cheeky and bold, and will even chase anyone else least they do here. Once they know there is something they want, they will get quite destructive in how they try to access your seeds and suet. They are way naughtier than the big grey or black ones...even though they are quite cute:)

    You sure got a lot more snow than we did! We are glad we have a snow thrower...