Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Too Hot! (And Bunnies Too)

 Hello everyone. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your over heated doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

It's 90º out here! 

We should go back inside the house where it's air conditioned!

Ah! That's better! I shall continue my report from here.

My ghostwriter said that she's been seeing a big fat bunny in the neighbors' yards in the past week. I decided to do some sniffing around today to see if I could find him. While I didn't see the bunny, I did find some piles of bunny poop (or to some doggies: Cocoa Puffs.)  

For a long time we've wondered why the Secret Bunny Militia would make any effort to trespass in our back yard, which has a fence all around, and has been clearly marked with years of doggie pee. We concluded that they must have some kind of coming of age ritual that involves accomplishing a death-defying feat, such as a high speed chase involving a cocker spaniel, while trying desperately to remember where the heck you got into said cocker spaniel's yard in the first place!  

May I remind you that this cocker spaniel has actually caught quite a few bunnies over the last several years. I always proudly presented my prize catches to my ghostwriter, who gratefully praised my excellent cocker spaniel hunting skills. 

What's that? You really didn't want me to catch those bunnies?

I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that.

I happen to have the best hunting record of all the cocker spaniels who have ever lived at this house, if I must say so myself! 


  1. Your mommy's eyes says no to the eating rabbits, but he eyes say yes. Stay in during this terrible heat.

  2. Oh Chester, peeps can be SUCH killjoys! I don't knows why they don't like us gifting them with our catches ~ one would thinks that a big juicy rat would be a joyful pressie, butts the screams and gagging of the Moms say other wise. Peeps are a mystery still to be unraveled.....
    In the meantime, gots any of those coco puffs left???? 🤣🤣
    Stay cool my furiend...
    Ruby ♥

  3. We are hot here, too...but not quite as hot as you over there, and a lot less hot than the poor peeps out west.

    That bunny scenario plays out here too...MJF had a few under his belt and we do too...we think they get in under the gates...but then they are rather trapped because our fence is buried one foot underground...because MJF was a real digger, and well, so are we!

    Stay cool Chester, it feels a lot better!

  4. If you ever run out of bunnies in your yard - you can always come here, Chester. We have bunnies everywhere! Definitely stay put on your sofa - it's too hot to chase bunnies! AC is best!

  5. The woofie that used-to-live with us sent more than a few buns across the rainbow bridge sad to say and they had always magically gotten into "his" fenced yard ...
    Stay cool!

  6. Cocoa puffs...Oh Chester you have such a way with words. That made me giggle.
    I am so thankful you have a/c. I have heard many folks in your part of the country never need a/c so the don't have it.
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. We are hanging out inside with the cool AC running too, Chester. The bunnies on this side of town are just as silly and seem to think the grass inside the fence is better than what is outside the fence. Neither of us has killed any but our late, great Nina hunted down a couple in her day.

  8. Some bunnies are too brave for their own good. I wonder why the bunny was so fat.... #babybunnies

    Love and licks,

  9. is the bunny brave? I think not! If the said bunny did its research, that is smelled the Cocker Spaniel pee, it would NEVER EVER come into the enclave where it could be chased and caught, so I, Marv say you SHOULD be congratulated for your accomplishment!

  10. Chester is the prettiest spaniel I know!!!!!!

  11. We have bunnies and cocoa puffs in our backyard except we call them Raisinets. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chocolate-covered_raisin

  12. We don't has bunnies here. I hunt gophers and birdies, but I always have a walking string wif a pawrent on de other end. I'll nevfur be a champion hunter like you, Chester!

  13. BOL BOL I agree about that huge cardinal and it's wings move somehow.
    Hugs Cecilia