Friday, June 18, 2021

Summer Time

 Hello everyone! I'm your diligent doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

We're having some really summery weather here in WNY. Flowers are blooming like crazy, and Dad has to mow the lawn once a week with the gigantic monster noisy scary roaring dragon riding mower machine thing. 

My ghostwriter, who always seems to have her head in the clouds saw this amazing sight yesterday:

A complete halo around the sun! (The straight line is from a jet flying way up high.) She says a halo around the sun usually means stormy weather is coming. 

Sure enough, today it clouded up, and it's raining.

But that's OK with us. I'll just take a nap, while ghostwriter gets ready for work. 

Hope you all have a good weekend! 

Here are some of our flowers:



  1. Wow, Chester, your flowers are gorgeous, esp the clematis!

    Enjoy your rain, we got some much needed rain early this morning.
    And make good with your snoozing while your GW is at her work. Our petcretary will be working the weekend.

  2. We sure could use some rain here. Despite the heavy rainfall in May, we are very dry now. Maybe next week. We always love visiting you, Chester; your flowers are just amazing.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  3. Your flowers are so pretty, especially the pretty pink roses! We are hoping for rain here today too!

  4. Tis the garden of earthly delights ... sweet dreams sweet boy!

  5. Hey Chester
    Great reporting as always. GW has a very good eye for finding such amazing photos opportunities.
    The halo/sun/jet. WOW.
    Your garden is full of gawgeous technicolor too
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. You have lots of pretty flowers in your yard, Chester. Our pawrents are happy we're finally getting some rain. Enjoy your nap.

  7. That shot is amazing! I don't think I have ever seen a halo around the sun. Good catch.

    Have a good nap.


  8. We never even knew that about the halo around the sun. Mom and I will keep an eye open for that weather predictor.

    Love and licks,

  9. We almost nevfur see a halo around de sun here. Dat's a wonderfur photo! If you have any rain to spare, we sure could use it!

  10. Hi friend, Ojo here! What a lovely Yard you have! Also that is a pretty picture of the sun-circle.

  11. Hi Chester! What terrific sky shots your assistant took. And your flowers are marvellous! Our gigantic monster noisy scary roaring dragon riding mower machine thing has to be driven around the yard about 2 times a week right now! Things (like weeds and grass) are growing like CRAZY - but it will be hot and dry soon.

  12. Hi friend, Ojo here again! Did you have a good week? Is it HOT where you are too? Did the dragon mowing monster come out? Did you chase any Squirrels?