Thursday, April 8, 2021

Einstein Dingaling Etc.

Greetings friends and fans. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your diligent doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

In the last few weeks, we have not been filling up the birdie feeders so that those noisy, messy grackles would go away. But we felt sorry for the little chickadees and sparrows, so we put seeds into the window feeder. But now, an evil squirrel, named Einstein Dingaling has figured out how to jump up into it! Here's a picture of him sitting inside the window box feeder, helping himself to the birdie seeds:

Whenever my ghostwriter sees him, she raps on the window, and he goes flying out to the lawn below. You would think he'd take off towards the nearest big tree. But I think he's related to the notorious alias Twinkletoes, a very rude and obnoxious squirrel who was around a few years ago, and who insisted that we owed him a peanut butter sandwich. Anyway, rather than running away, Dingaling turns around and looks back at us as if to say, "OK, since I can't have the birdie seeds, then certainly you have something better to give me!"

 How's about that peanut butter sandwich you owe my grampa?

I usually have to go out and personally chase him away!


We finally removed all the rest of the birdie seeds and the suet cakes too. We haven't seen him in a few days now. 

In other news, we've noticed a mourning dove flapping in and out of the yew bushes that are growing in front of our living room window. She was obviously busy with something. So yesterday my ghostwriter carefully looked through the bushes and found a nest with two eggs in it!

It seems like every year we get some kind of birdie nest in those bushes. Last year we had robins. In 2017 we had chipping sparrows. My local Sparrows Incorporated spokesbirdie, Winifred Seedcruncher, told me that the mourning dove in the yew bushes is one of Debbie Dove's grand nieces, and her name is Patricia Dove.

We'll be sure to keep you posted on Patricia Dove's nest. 

Meanwhile, here are some other amazing things we found in our own yard simply by taking the time to look up, and look down.

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  1. The way you take care of the birds is very sweet. I hope those horrible Grackles are gone for good.

  2. Your work is never done, Chester, and we love your beautiful flowers! We hope that Mrs Dove and her eggs stay safe.

  3. BOL BOL BOL Chester
    Einstein Dingaling...that is knee slapping funny.
    Your flowers are gorgeous and such brilliant colors
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. Squirrels. Am I right? Ugh. We always love when you look up and look down in your yard. SOOOOO much to see.

    Love and licks,

  5. Those squirrels can be pesty. Your flowers are so pretty and are ahead of the ones we have here. We can't wait to see more updates on the Dove nest.

  6. Spring sure is Springing in your corner of Blogville!

    Good job keep that silly squirrel away and congratulations to Patricia on her eggs!

  7. Those pesky squirrels are interminably frustrating!!! We hope they decide to move to another yard so the birdies can eat in peace.

    That is a very popular nesting bush. We hope the baby doves do well.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. We don't have squirrels where I live. I fink I'm glad!

  9. We have several tits in the area and one thing they need is nesting material, so whenever Miss Oswin gets her fur brushed, I will put the loose bits in the bushes around the garden. The birdies don't like cats, but they do like their fur!

    Oh, and shoes definitely need to be comfy. I couldn't walk on those fashionable stilts anyway without falling over nowadays...


  10. We are glad that you have put the run on the dastardly Einstein Dingaling. We don't have bird feeders as us cats look at them as a smorgasbord...and the deer try to get at the seed. We do have a squirrel, family, but they moved after Kozmo caught one last summer (Mom made him let the squirrel go). We can't wait to see more photos of Patricia's family! Thanks so much for sharing and for visiting us and we can't wait for next week's blog!

  11. Hi friend, Ojo here! Squirrels wreck everything, don't they? Also, my person says those eggs are Very Special and you should not eat them. Too bad, I bet they would be tasty!

  12. Those dang squirrels!
    We need to find out how come they are so clever...and stubborn, they don't give up till they figure out 'The Way'!

    We had one that figured out how to climb on our siding, and then he could jump onto the feeder, and bypass the stovepipe baffle...LOL!