Thursday, February 25, 2021

February in WNY

 Hi everyone! This is The Daily Bone and I'm your persevering doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. Sorry we have not been around lately. My ghostwriter is working way too much and is getting stressed out, especially when it comes to driving home from work at night in a snow storm! 

On Feb. 15, the snow deluge began. I know it doesn't look like much, but I'm actually walking on the crusty surface that's on top of about six inches of soft snow. (I don't like walking on this kind of snow. You never know when your next step will crunch through the surface!)

The night of this snow storm, my ghostwriter had to work late. When she finally got out of work at 2am, she hoped the roads had been plowed. She inched along Route 5&20, which was not plowed at all. She continued on, thinking Route 15 would be in better shape. But it wasn't.

Then she crept along at 15-20 mph along Route 15, praying that just maybe it would get better when she crossed the County line. No such luck! At several points she wondered if she should turn around. But she didn't dare stop because she was afraid she'd never be able to get going again. 

Finally, after 40 minutes of white-knuckle driving, she turned into our neighborhood. The roads there were perfectly plowed. Seems the Town of Henrietta did their job keeping the local side-streets plowed, while the State and the Counties should be ashamed of themselves! 

Meanwhile, Sid Starling continues to have his own problems, namely his annoying relatives. At first he did the happy dance because he had the feeder all to himself. Well, that didn't last!

"Happy happy! Joy joy!"

"Hey, now what? Augh! It's cousin Gwendolyn!"

"Sod off Gwen! This is MY suet cake!"

"Oh yeah? Who made you king of the bird feeder? You'd better share or else I'll call the rest of the family to come over here and pester you!"

"Cripes! Well, I'll just move over to the suet cake on the other side of the feeder! Hey, who's this now? Aunt Sylvia?"

"Move over you whipper-snapper! Your elders get to eat first!"

 I'm glad I don't have a quarrelsome family like that! 
Speaking of family, we have a lot going on this month. Ryan's eighth birthday!

Jessy and Dan's fourth wedding anniversary!

On Valentine's Day, Oma got some flowers!

Next is Joanna's birthday.


So today, the snow is melting, and we saw more of Sid Starling's family antics.

Then Debbie Dove decided to pay us a surprise visit.

"Chester, you need to chase those rude starlings away!"

Um, OK. I think.


  1. We haven't seen too many starlings...yet!

    Nice pics of your two footed family members, Chester.

    Petcretary had to drive on not a few dicey roads too...and sometimes we even miss church which is 25 miles we stay home in bad weather.

  2. Hi Chester! Our Mom is glad that she does not have to drive to go to work, it has been a pretty bad winter up here in the Great White North. We are glad that the starling family is together, but I'm not too sure Sid is! And the Dove is trying to get you to get them to move along...that's not fair! And we agree with you about the sometimes hard crust and sometimes not snow. I hate it when all of a sudden my foot falls through! Thanks for the up date, stay safe and stay warm! And have a happy day!

  3. We are so glad that Ghostwriter made it home safely. At that hour of the morning no one would want to get stuck on the road. We hope she can get home earlier these days.

    Sid Starling and his family sure do keep us entertained. We liked seeing Debbie Dove. We hope those starlings will share.

    Happy Birthdays and Anniversary and Valentine's Day all around.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  4. Oh, I am so glads GW made it home safely! OMD, that must've been sooooo scary!
    Those burdies got issues! geesh! sharing is caring....unless you're a burdie apparently! BOL!
    Stay safe and warm!
    Ruby ♥

  5. My mother had a treacherous ride like that during the Blizzard of 78. She still talks about it 42 years later. (Mommy got her license when she was five.) That darn bird. I wonder Foley can get a bird to poop on another bird.

  6. My snow had a base like yours too, Chester, but we've been having wonderfully warm days for February and it's slowly melting. That's a lot of peeps celebrating birthdays and anniversaries in one month and it's so nice to see Oma and she's looking great!

  7. Chester what absolutely horrid freezing precip weather and I'm so sorry GW has all that stress driving in it. I know next to nothing about driving in snow but I 100% agree with her decision to keep on driving rather than stopping. Your family of humans are beautiful and such smiles. Happy everything to everyone.
    Oh please tell GW I rec'd my 2nd C19 vaccine on Monday I posted about it yesterday if she is interested in some light reading and a few giggles
    Hugs and warm wishes

  8. Hi Chester! We sure have had a few days of crazy winter weather but there certainly have been fewer days like that this winter. We're glad Ghostwriter made it home safely. Those birds sure are feisty. We also don't like walking in our yard right now but with the temps we're getting for the next couple of days there might not be much snow left at all.

  9. Wow, we're glad your momma made it home safe through that storm!

  10. Oooohhhh boy, tell your Ghostwriter that I know how she feels having to drive on roads like that, and the relief of finally getting home to YOU, not doubt was such a good feeling!! I hope Ghostwriter stays safe when she has to go out there!!

    And as for Sid Starling, we've had his relatives at our outdoor buffet too. But knock, knock, knock on wood when I closed the restaurant for a few days, they moved onto another diner! At least that's how it looked today. We'll see. 😊

  11. We are sorry to hear your ghostwriter is so busy. Our lady has been busy too. Love your birds.

  12. So happy your GW made it home safe and sound (blame it on the GOV, he has many problems of late we think) ... but she (the GW) sure did a fine, fine job with her birdie photos, they are awesome ... and
    oh my goodness: HappyHappy for all the human family celebrations! And Chester, take care on the crunchy stuff, remember, spring is coming soon!

  13. I always hear a lot of birdies, but don't often get the chance to photograph them.
    Hopefully the state and counties did pick up their act and made sure the roads were cleared.


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