Monday, October 5, 2020

Mushrooms, Trees, and Birdie Seeds

 Greetings friends and fans. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your dedicated doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

As Autumn proceeds, we find new and amazing things every day. Today, after a couple rainy days, we found lots of little mushrooms that sprouted up in the back yard. 

These are just little toad stool mushrooms. They don't get very big, or last very long. Don't worry, I didn't eat any of them. We're not sure what these ones in the picture below are, but we'll watch and see how they grow. 

All these mushrooms were growing from the wood chips left from last year, when we had the gigantic silver maple tree in the back yard cut down. If you'd like to see my report on that massive undertaking, please go to the following link:

Wow! That sure was a big project!

Back to today's news, we didn't forget to look up too. Here are some pictures of the birch tree in the front yard: 

Now, on to other news.

Dad bought two fifty-pound bags of birdie seeds. Wow! Let's see how fast the little birdies can eat 100 pounds of seeds!

Of course, birdie feeders full of seeds attracts the Evil Squirrel Cartel too. 

I'll be sure to keep a sharp eye out for those scoundrels! Meanwhile, here's a funny video about how to properly stalk a birdie or a squirrel:


  1. Mom says she is so glad the mushrooms around here seem to like the front yard better than the back because she is sure we might try to nibble on them. We hope the squirrels don't eat all that seed. The birdies need it more.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  2. You found lots of interesting mushrooms in your yard, Chester. We liked that video. We bet you come closer to catching those critters than the pup in the video.

  3. We had some strange mushrooms here too, orange ones, firm brown ones, and puff balls. Others as well, I need to get an I guide...

    That sure is a lot of bird seed! We go through oodles of peanuts here,and sunflowers. The bird seed is there too, but they eat more of the others. Squirrels eat the leftovers on the ground,BOL!

  4. I always like taking photos of mushrooms as well. But I would never eat them! Gross! Eating mould! Yuck.


  5. Chester what a great report...and creative poetic title!! Love it Mushrooms, Trees, and Birdie Seeds
    Da plane da plane I see it.
    Tis the time for the birds to once again star on Bird TVeee there surely isn't anything on reg. TVeeees
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. Hi Chester, my name is Juney and I'm new here. My hu-mom sent me over to meet you cause she said you're one of her favorite pupsters and I could learn many impawtent things from you about the great outdoors! And she was right! My 1st lesson today (reading all this and seeing pretty pictures) taught me a lot, thank you, I'll be back often. I'm quite little, so have lots to learn ... happy day to you, Chester.

  7. We love finding mushrooms but we're in a drought here and that must be why we're not seeing many of them.

  8. They're sure lucky to have you to snoopervise all of that!

  9. I never understand mushrooms and always think they are strange creatures from another planet. I can sniff them for hours (if Mom would let me), but never try to eat them.

    Love and licks,

  10. What a fun time exploring around your corner of Blogville Chester! Mama loves taking pictures of mushrooms too...and they are just starting to sprout up around here!

  11. Lady has 2 feeders she is filling very 2 days. The birds are hungry. We have lots of mushrooms here too.

  12. My friend birdie wants to move to your yard! Seeing wild mushrooms is so so cool! My hoomans love them!

    Pinot xo