Friday, March 20, 2020

Windy Day (again)

Hello everyone! This is The Daily Bone and I'm your steadfast doggie reporter 
Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

Today we have high winds, gusting to 60mph! 

Whew! It blew my ears back! The sky was changing rapidly. One minute it's sunny …

… and the next minute it's raining.

This is really quite typical weather in our area in March. The cold northern air is fighting to stay put, while the warmer southern air wants to move in. This is what makes the high winds, and we've had them on and off for the last few weeks.

Nevertheless, I did some exploring for signs of Spring. Long time readers are familiar with my method of finding amazing things in my yard: look up, look down. There are lots of things growing up from the ground now:


Miniature daffodils

Sweet Woodruff


Looking up, the trees don't have any leaves on them yet.

But look look look lookie look! The puppy willows are blooming!

In other news, my ghostwriter went to work at the nursing home yesterday for the first time since her knee surgery. She survived! She said her knee was doing great, but her feet and legs hurt. She has to get back in shape now, and it won't be easy. Everyone was glad to see her, and she was very happy to see them. But she was sad to find out that several little old people had died while she was gone. She says, these things happen in geriatrics.

Oh, but guess what? When she got out of work later in the evening, and walked to her car, she heard spring peepers for the first time this year! That's a very good sign of Spring! Here's what they sound like:

As I post this report, the wind continues to blow, but is calming a bit. It's supposed to get colder tonight. It'll be a good time for staying indoors with your family. Turn off the TV news and watch a nice movie instead. We hope everyone stays healthy and safe.


  1. I am glad you are getting spring. We are proud of your mom for going out to work.

  2. You have lots more flowers around your yard than we do Chester. That wind sure was wicked today.

  3. It was windy here too yesterday, but not quite that bad...and we had thinderstorms. Today it was copld, and cloudy...and Saturday we will not be feeling very springlike...

    Glad your GW had a good day at her work. Sorry she lost some of her charges...that kind of thing always makes petcretary feel sad too...

    Our place is in lockdown mode...we do NOT need that covid19 there...a couple of years ago when an influenza raged through there we lost 11 peeps in short order.
    And lots of staff got ill too...not petcretary though:)

  4. We haven't seen our first crocus yet and we are loving yours! Love your ears blown back, Chester☺ The peepers are serenading us here too.

  5. Morning dear Chester ace news reporter!!
    Whew those were some fierce winds to blow you curly Spaniel ears back.
    BOL BOL puppy willows. Thank goodness your bulbs are breaking ground.
    I hope GW can rest her weary legs and feets today. I'm so very sorry to read some of her dear elderly patients have passed.
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. We had some crazy scary winds at our place too. We wanted to hide. Thankfully we are all at home.

  7. That's good advice, Chester. My pawrents have almost stopped watching the news. I have both of them home with me evfurry day now!

  8. We are amazed at how many signs of spring you have there, Chester. At least our grass is getting pretty green.

    Hope your Mom's knee continues to do well, and that she will not work too hard.

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

  9. We are very happy that your Ghostwriter's new knee is strong and serving her well. That is the BEST news ever. Also we are happy to get a look at the puppy willows in your yard!

    Love and licks,