Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Overdue News

Hello. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your diligent doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. We have a lot of stories to cover, so I'll start straight away.

First of all, I want to show you the beautiful post card I got from my dearest Princess Leah. As you may know, she spends her summer vacation at her own private royal tower at Chatsworth, or as she calls it, Chatters-Away. The postcard depicts the Great Dining Room. She said she wishes we could both have dinner at this amazing place. I can hardly imagine what fabulous, delicious, yummy gourmet food we would have! 

Please visit Leah here:  princessleahthecav.blogspot if you wish to see more of her adventures. But please be sure to come back to view the rest of the news. 

We are in the middle of summer here in Western NY, and our gigantic hydrangea bush is blooming, and smells wonderful! And to think this bush started out as a little stick that one of the siblings bought at a flea market! 

It's literally buzzing with bees and wasps and flies and moths and butterflies.

The echinacea flowers are also blooming in profusion. The bumblebees seem to especially love these flowers.

The other day, we found a fuzzy yellow caterpillar. My ghostwriter did not allow me to touch it because it can cause a painful rash. It's the larvae of the aptly named dagger moth. 

In other news, my ghostwriter saw two little bunnies run out of the underbrush by the birch tree in the front yard when she was watering the garden. As you may know, the front yard is out of my jurisdiction. But ghostwriter took me by a leash so I could root around and see if I could find any more bunnies. 

Nope! No more bunnies in here! But it was fun to look and sniff! 

At work at the nursing home, ghostwriter spied a bunny eating seeds under the birdie feeder.

She said there were a couple chipmunks there too, but they didn't hang around for long. I wish I could go and check out the critters there! 

Ghostwriter also said they were repaving the road that goes around the nursing home. Look look look lookie look! It's Ironing Board Man and his friends! 

Long time readers will know that Ironing Board Man is my favorite super hero. Sometimes he looks like this:

And sometimes he looks like this:

But in summer, he likes to do some road work. He and his family can be seen at just about any repaving site in Western NY. 

I hope many of my trusty readers remember that goldfinch who was making messes all over Dad's rear view window. 

Well, he seems to be slowing down on his attacks on his own reflection in those mirrors. We think perhaps his babies have grown up enough to leave the nest, so protecting territory isn't as important as before. We'll sure miss that little bugger! 

And now it's getting late. It seems the sun is going down a little bit  earlier every day. I'm just going to take a little nap

I have to save up my energy for tonight. There will be a full moon, and I want to go out and howl a message to my dearest Princess Leah!

Good night everyone!


  1. Lots of news indeed!

    That is neat that you found that caterpillar, and I had just finished reading up about all kinds of those creatures. Imagine those being so nasty! Ouch!

    Have a good snooze, Chester and a great rest of your week!

  2. Pretty flowers!

    And we luv seeing the bunnies - we have tons of them here!

  3. Princess Leah's dining room is just fabulous! We've never seen a yellow caterpillar before but we do have white ones with black markings hanging around our back door. Love your beautiful flowers, Chester!

  4. There sure is lots going on around your corner of our county Chester. We think it would be fun to eat at that dining room where Princess Leah is on her vacation. There are lots of bunnies around her but we only find the "treats" they leave behind in our yard.

  5. We enjoyed reading your news and seeing the lovely dining room and floral home to many creatures. Wish we had your photo skills.

  6. Wonder if Ironing Board Man would do our "ironing" stuff, wouldn't that be great! Thanks for sharing all your newsy news, lots of fun 'n' interesting stuff going on in your neighborhood, a fun week.
    But yes, after all that busyness you deserve a nap. Sweet dreams little friend ...

  7. WOW...that little yellow catapillar is very cool...well, except for the whole rash thing!
    Thanks for catching us up!
    Arty, Rosy & Jakey

  8. I remember the goldfinch! I bet your daddy's car is happy to see him move on, BOL!!

  9. Dagger Moth...yikes...glad GW kept you away. Those buzzing bees on the bush would send me running inside. The blooming bush is quite pretty.
    LOL at the ironing cartoon. Ironing Board red and I like red.
    Sending hugs to you Chester my fine friend

  10. Dear Chester,

    Happy summer! You have bunnies in your yard?? We are very jealous! That would be so much fun!! Do stay away from that crawly thing.


  11. You were just full of news today, Chester. We bet you and Princess Leah would have a fabulous time together at her Chatters-Away.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  12. Dagger Moth is an absolutely terrifying name. And that is an absolutely terrifying caterpillar. Yikes. Keeping away is good advice on that one. #nobrainer

    Love and licks,

  13. You have beautiful flowers. We have only had one hydrangea plant bloom this year. We may have to do replanting. Make sure you don't eat them. They made a friend of mine very sick.

  14. Great update as always, Chester!! Whoa, summer is good, isn't it? So much to see and sniff fresh stuff!! Yay! :)

    Pinot xo

  15. Thanks for sharing the great news update. We love the postcard you got from Princess Leah when she was on vacation at her tower. Love the beautiful flowers you shared. Have a fantastic day.
    World of Animals