Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The Chip and Bun Bun Show

Hello again everyone. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your tenacious doggie reporter
Chester L. W. Spaniel.

The time has come again when we get invaded by the Conniving Chipmunk Consortium and the Secretive Bunny Militia. First, please allow me to give you some information about these furry miscreants. 

The Conniving Chipmunk Consortium is well versed in how to get doggies in big trouble. These little hoodlums sneak around through ghostwriter's garden. Then, instead of running up the nearest tree like the evil squirrels do, they go up the nearest drain pipe. Of course, being a cocker spaniel (the smallest of the hunting doggie group) I am hard-wired to follow their stinky footie prints where ever they go. Here's a picture of one from our archives:

The other day, when it was raining pretty hard out, I asked to go out to do some business. There were two evil squirrels out there who immediately bolted up the silver maple tree. But I took one sniff and knew there was a more sinister villain afoot! I followed the scent and went crashing through the hostas, bushes, and flowers.

It went all the way to the corner of the house. Sure enough there was a chipmunk hiding up inside the corner molding of the siding. I could hear him scratching around and squeaking! There was NO WAY I was going to let that scoundrel get away! I stood in the rain, with my feet in a mud puddle, barking like crazy. I refused to come back when ghostwriter called me. She had to go out with a leash to drag me back inside the house. Needless to say, I was in big trouble for not only refusing to come when called, but for getting soaking wet and muddy, and trampling the flowers too!

If I ever catch that dirty rotten chipmunk, I'm gonna take his squeaker out!

Later on that evening after ghostwriter was at work, Dad took this picture: 

This is none other than Special Agent Bun Bun of the Secretive Bunny Militia! I have a theory that bunnies have an initiation ritual in which they must risk their lives by invading hostile territory, and then run like heck when an unsuspecting doggie spots them. Why else would they sneak into my yard that has been well-marked by 20 years of doggie pee mail? 

I went out three separate times, and found Special Agent Bun Bun snarfing birdie seeds off the ground under the feeders, and gave her a good chase. But she managed to escape each time. Ghostwriter finally figured out where this bunny has been getting in and out of my yard, and blocked the opening. We'll just have to wait and see what happens next! 

In the meantime, the Stodgy Robin Society had yet another debutante! This one is named Willhemina Merryberry-Lyricsong … what?

She flew away! Hey! I just wanted to talk to you! 

Oh well. It's been a frustrating few days! 

Here's a link to one of my better days in regards to chipmunks: 


  1. You have all sorts of critters to chase in the back yard. That is cool I hope you catch a chipmunk. I hear they taste like chicken.

  2. Humans don't understand that it is a matter of pride when evil little animals invade our space.

  3. Oh Doggie! I have never had the pleasure of chasin' Bun Buns or chippies! It looks like tons of funs Chester! I also become deaf when spot a critter in need of chasing ~ or a tasty leaf. This also makes Ma fluster, and say thingies under her breath that wee ears shouldn't hear. I don't gets it, we are only protecting our yardies! geesh. Wells, here's to hoping that you catch that chippie off guard, and have a tasty snack....hehehee
    Ruby ♥

  4. There is always so much going on at your place Chester!
    Mabel & Hilda

  5. Chippies have squeakers? We did not know that! How 'bout an audio here?

    1. Yes!! They squeak as they run, which makes them even more maddening!

  6. The chipper squeak gets us in trouble every time, doesn't it, Chester!

  7. Chester!!! OMDs can you hear me giggling?
    "Conniving Chipmunk Consortium and the Secretive Bunny Militia". You need a posse guarding your perimeter around the clock. You it is one thing to be an invasive scoundrel BUT so not right to
    get Charming Chester in the dog house.
    Sending loads of good wishes for a successful de-squeaking!

  8. We have the same problem with our chippies here too. Millie is especially obsessed with those little squeaky things. We also have rabbits come in our yard and can't understand how they wouldn't prefer to be outside the fence where there is plenty of grass for them to eat out there too. Those little treats they leave for us dogs are tasty but our pawrents don't like it when they find us eating them.

  9. OMD...Those critters sure do keep you on the run Chester!!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  10. I, Benji, dug a huge cavern by the drainpipe that some wee gopher was hiding in...but somehow he got out and escaped. I guess I need more education at the gopher catching classes. I did get some earlier, but they were babies and too dumb to know to run away...

    Have not seen any bunnies this year. There are coons though. Hmmm, wonder if any will be brave enough to venture into this critter hostile terriertory!

    Yes, we get into the flower beds here too...even the fence doesn't stop us...we just jump over it! Hah! Makes petcretary annoyed...BOL!