Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Grackle Jerks

Greetings loyal and faithful readers. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your indignant doggie reporter 
Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

The reason for my acrimony today is because practically the entire Great Grackle Flying PTA (Poop Tossers Association) was out calling me and my ghostwriter jerks! 

I kid you not! The whole time we were out in the yard, looking for nice things to post on The Daily Bone today, they hopped around on branches above our heads yelling "jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk!"

Jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk! 

Crummy rotten noisy stinky annoying rude grackles! Oh, maybe I'd better take out Ye Olde Shakespeare Insult Kit for this occasion. You grackles are but churlish tardy-gaited flap dragons, surly beetle-headed maggot pies, and roguish hedge-born miscreants! Grrrrrrr!

But my ghostwriter said they were doing that because their little baby gargoyles, oops I mean grackles, are starting to leave their nests. Of course she had a scientific term for it: mobbing behavior. In fact, she thought it was pretty funny when she looked out the window the other day, and the grackles were dive bombing Black Friday the squirrel and calling him a jerk too! They chased him all the way across the green belt! She's sorry she couldn't get a picture of that. 

Well, I figured, that means perhaps there's one of those ugly grackle babies on the ground in my yard. I decided to go look for it.

Nothing by the shed.

Not in the compost pile.

All clear in the flower bed.

Ghostwriter spotted one in the top of the silver maple. It was an ugly little beastie, and it was shouting as loudly as possible: jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk! (They don't exactly have a large vocabulary, do they?)

Here's a picture of one from a few years ago:

Little Squatty Dingledoody.

If that's not an homely baby I don't know what is! On the bright side, though, this means the grackles will soon be moving on to where ever they go after nesting time is over. And then peace and quiet will resume in the neighborhood, except for, of course, the incessant drone of lawn mowers.

Good day all.


  1. And here we thought the grackles had already moved on. You need to find a boomerang machine of some sort so all those shouts of jerk, jerk, jerk, bounce right back at them.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  2. Wow, you really have bad neighbors. Sorry. I hope they fly the coop

  3. That is one ugly baby and how often can we really say that? You have the most adorably expressive face, Chester!

  4. Chester you have us cracking up over your grackle invasion. We love your smile in that last picture.

  5. Around here we have the cowbird and starling invasion going on...sigh...they steallall and any kind of bird food we put out...but if we hide it for a while, then we will lose all the pretty birds. Rose breasted grosbeak, indigo Bunting, cardinal, chickadee, winter wren, robin, blue bird, bluejay, red winged blackbird(Though they are almost as bad as starlings...), mourning dove, rufous sided towee, whitethroated sparrow, tree sparrow, goldfinch, chipping sparrow, nuthatch, brown creeper, downy woodpecker, hairy woodpecker, redbellied woodpecker, northern flicker, tufted titmouse, baltimore oriole, and who knows what species I might have miised mentioning. We have not seen any hummingbrds yet. The herons are back, and so are the sandhill cranes-in the fields across the street; the swallows, kingbirds, phoebes and flycatchers come by occasionally; redtailed hawks we see flying, and at night we hear some type of owl...we used to see bobwhites and pheasants, but hardly ever since there have been more developments around these parts. And then there are crows and buzzards...they pick up the road kill...yuck, but somefeathers got to do it, BOL!

    We really do have more birds than squirrels!

  6. OhMyDog: when we first started to read, our thought was to add something "bad" about grackles in our comment ... but ... you have covered it all! ALL! Nothing left to say. But: Go Away!
    Good report, Chester!

  7. Chester I'm 100% sure if you look up 'jerk or obnoxious' in the dictionary there would be a picture of grackles...and I'm sure Cowbirds are their 2nd cousins.
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. Dang those obnoxious grackles!!!!!

  9. I'm glad we don't have grackles here! And, glad yours will be leaving soon. Bye bye, Uglies!

  10. Chester, I sure do feel for ya dude. I would hate to have hecklers overseeing my poopie sessions! I likes to do my business in peace, without being called a 'jerk' from the peanut gallery! sigh. Do you wants me to come overs and chase them away while you conduct your yardie business??? I gots your back my pal! Oh, and do I needs to bring a raincoat to protect myself from grackle poopies???
    Ruby ♥