Saturday, January 19, 2019

Winter Storm Harper: Bring It On!

This is a TDB special report. It's 1pm and I'm your hardy doggie reporter on the spot in my back yard anxiously awaiting the fearsome, horrifying, end of the world (again) gigantic, awesome, terrifying, blizzard of the century! It's supposed to be so bad that State and local authorities are banning all big trucks and buses from travelling the major motorways until it's over. I'll be giving you on-going updates, so please check back here throughout the day.

My ghostwriter has the weekend off, unless someone gets stuck in the snow and can't make it to work and they have to call her to come in, even though she's not officially on call either. She would be very disappointed if they did, because, in her business that's never an excuse for not going to work.

Anyway, ghostwriter, and Dad and I plan to do absolutely nothing all weekend.

Seriously? That sounds OK to me! 

   Now, let me go back and fill you in on the weather insanity that's been going on all week. On Wednesday we thought the snow calamity might be starting when we got pelted with graupel.

What is graupel? 

But it stopped after a few minutes and the sun peeked out from behind the clouds.


The next two days, we watched the sky for signs of impending doom. Hmmm. It looks kind of like a faint halo around the sun through the cloud cover. That means ice crystals up there.

Yipes! Could this be it???? My humans ordered pizza and chicken wings.


And I took a nice nap.

Ghostwriter went to work yesterday, and kept looking out to see if the snow had started yet. By the time she got home (around midnight) there was still not much going on weather-wise. This morning it was snowing a little.

It's rather refreshing, I'd say.

1:45pm: Here's the weather map today. That blue stuff is snow and it's headed our way!

Did you know they're now giving names to winter storms? The one going on now is called Harper. Isn't that cute? Well, we're not scared of any winter storm, especially one named Harper! I say bring it on! I love to run in the snow!

3pm. Ghostwriter filled up the birdie feeders, and we've had plenty of takers, like this blue jay:

Come and get it birdies!

Now it's time for a word from our sponsors.


The Sparrows Incorporated Winter Lodge in the Sticks is open for birdie business. It's the perfect luxury retreat from the cold winter wind! It's situated just a short flit away from our freshly stocked birdie feeders full of sunflower seeds, suet, and bits of bread designed to supply your higher metabolic needs during this chilly time of year. This location has been totally rebuilt and refurbished and includes enough twigs and branches to perch a multitude of boisterous sparrows.

For a limited time only, the Sparrows. Inc. Winter Lodge in the Sticks will be charging half price for overnight shelter from Winter Storm Harper. Please hurry. Offer only available until Monday January 21, or until the storm passes.




Your best choice for exclusive protection from the Evil Squirrel Cartel, the Miscellaneous Mousie Mob, the Conniving Chipmunk Consortium, and other alien invaders.

We're on the job 24/7

And barking is always free!

The Double Doggie Homeland Security System was founded by my late esteemed associate Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel. Even though there's only me now, I do enough barking for both of us!


Here's a TDB live update:

6pm and it's dark out. The snow continues to fall, blown by a cold wind.
It's a chilling 18ΒΊ F. I'm just out here for a quick pee, and don't plan to run around. The neighbors seem to be having some kind of party, though, and I should probably bark, but it's too cold out!

Stay tuned for further developments.

OK, it's now 10pm and this is what it looks like outside:

I'm pretty sure we'll survive if this keeps up. That's all for my report today. We're going to bed soon. To all our readers out there: we hope you're all some place safe and warm, and aren't stuck in a snow drift somewhere! Good night!


  1. Have fun in all dat snow (I STILL has never seen any - momma says we had a tiny bit this morning, but it melted right away).

  2. Your snow looks like more fun when what we're getting, Chester. Mom and I went outside around 3am for me to do peepees and we had about an inch of rain soaked snow and it was raining on our heads. I ordered fun snow - not this stuffs!

  3. Snowstorm Harper looks pretty fun over there, C. At my house it was snow for a couple of hours and torrential rain all night. It’s almost 40 degrees now and will be 7 degrees tonight. I might have to sport my doggie boots for protection from the rock salt when Mom and I go outside for a walk.

    Love and licks,

  4. Oh my graupel...that is a new word for me. Jumping snowmen Harper has worn out his/her welcome already! I hope and πŸ™πŸ» GW doesn’t have to leave home! Tell Dad to be careful outside don’t want him injurying his newly repaired limb!
    Stay warm hugs Cecilia

  5. I had no idea what graupel was, but I do know what Wegmans is because it's all good there! AND we also know what makes for a good snow day at home, and pizza is always on the menu. Glad you're on the job, and are only going out when you really need too - Stay warm!!

  6. GRAUPEL, now we know! You are very smart, no Fake News here. And we didn't know (or furgot) that the snow storms now get names, and we are thinking Harper just might bring lots more your way today ... and c-c-cold, too!
    By the way, we'll need a special "lodge" for our sparrows, they are baddies, chasing every other birdie away from the feeders it seems ... and oh my, those evil squirrels: they get past the baffle ... the old 78-rpm record and even the bundt-pan! They are olympians! But guess they're just very hunger-y right now.
    Take care when you go out next time, Chester, don't furreeze your sweet toesies!
    Your friend, Dougie Dog

  7. We hope that you are able to keep safe in the storm.

  8. We hope you are warm and cozy inside on this Sunday morning.
    There is no snow in our forecast thank goodness.
    Even though last week we had some hail graupel.
    Did your dad make the bird shelter? That is so nice of him.
    Let us know if it keeps the squirrels out.

    ♥ Astro and Mitzie

  9. Happy New Year (January 1 seems like a long ago)!! So sorry for my longest absence... Mom hasn't helped me to surf any bloggies since Angel Momo passed away BUTT it's time to say hello to my dear friend. I am happy to see Joey Dog in this post. He must be playing with my sissy! :) . Hope ghostwriter didn't get a call and do absolutely nothing with you!! It's so cold out!

    Stay safe!

  10. Oh my! I think chicken wings and pizza would make any storm better. I hope you get more of those! Stay warm, friend!

  11. End of the world blizzard, is it? You stay inside all safe and warm, Chester! Out here in the West, it's warming up and drying up. We'll be in the 60s all week!

  12. Thank you for the updates of the worst storm ever. You are our own little Jim Cantore. I hope your mom doesn't get called in to work. Stay snuggled and keep us informed

  13. The big storm sweeping across the country was pretty mild here. We got a little bit of snow, a very little bit, but we did get the bitter chill. It is still here. Mom doesn't like the cold or the snow, but we three all love to be outside in it!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  14. Holy Harper! Hope your birdies get checked into the 'Winter Sticks Lodge' and get their slice of pizza ordered Real Quick!

    Stay warm and cozy,
    Wyatt and Tegan

  15. Oh Chester we are buried up here in the north east corner of our county. We have at least 2 feet of snow. It's been tough even for us to find places to do our business in this deep snow but we have fun romping in it.

  16. For us this has been the weirdest storm. Snow then rain then snow then 47 degrees today and a big huge lake in the farm field below us. Supposed to be snow tonight and tomorrow snow and rain. Sheesh
    Hazel & Mabel

  17. Oh my goodness: that is a fair bit of snow you have there Chester! Hope your weekend was nice and quiet and that Harper didn't bother you too much!

    Mara from NI

  18. Holy Molee.... That's a lot of snow. Me and my pack have never seen snow before. But I don't think Weenie dogs like me would like the snow at all. We'd be buried until the spring thaw. BOL