Friday, June 8, 2018

Flowers and More

Greetings and welcome to The Daily Bone. I'm your faithful doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. I have a few stories to report today.

Last week we showed you pictures of ghostwriter's irises in the garden. Almost all of them bloomed by then, except for her absolute favorite one that's named Hello Darkness. It's so dark purple it's almost black! 

The peonies are also starting to bloom this week. 

Here's a surprise picture. A dragonfly decided to perch on an iris bud. 

We have a clemetis vine that comes up every year, and climbs up the fence. It has gigantic, amazing purple flowers! 

My next story is from the nursing home where our Oma  lives.

In the courtyard a mother mallard decided to make a nest, and is now raising eleven ducklings! Wow! Ghostwriter couldn't get all eleven into one picture. One or two were always hiding somewhere. The nursing home staff got them a little swimming pool and some bowls of food. 

I wonder how all those ducklings are going to get out of the courtyard that has buildings all around it? Maybe they'll have to wait until they grow up and are able to fly out.

Aunty Linda is bringing Oma to my house to visit me today. I can't wait to see them! They're going to stay here for two days. On Saturday everyone else is coming for a visit too.

Ghostwriter is planning on cooking lots of delicious food. She was out shopping for groceries almost all day yesterday. Now the fridge is packed. I'll be sure to get samples! Yum! 

For my next story, here's a picture of the garden at the nursing home where ghostwriter works.
Do you see what I see there? 

No, it's not the doggie statue. It's not the flowers or the nice white arch or picket fence. Look at the lower left corner of the picture. Do you see it now? It's a dastardly chipmunk! Ghostwriter says he's always out there whenever she looks! Wednesday evening she saw three of them scampering around and stealing birdie seeds from the feeders!

I think there's a chipmunk living near my yard too, and he hides in the wood pile. I can smell his stinky little footy prints! 

And finally, my last story is about my Florida associate Miss Charlee. She's entered in a doggie sleeping beauty contest called Pooped Pooches to win three days of free doggie day care at TLC Animal Hospital and Doggie Daycare.

Please go to this address below and scroll down until you see this picture and then click on "like."

That's it for today. I'll be sure to give you a full report on the big family get-together, and the yum yum food we're going to get. 


  1. Your flowers are just gorgeous, Chester - especially the dark purple iris and the garden at ghostwriter's nursing home is beautiful! Good luck to Miss Charlee. We voted!

  2. What pretty flowers you have to show, Chester. Our clematis is not even having buds as yet.
    The garden at your GW's work place is lovely! Lots of love went into making that.

    At petcretary's work place they once also had a large brood of ducklings. When it was dark, the staff got a rescue peep come over and he got them in a cage and took them all; mommy duck included to a better place so she could continue raising her ducklings in safety and good duck habitat.

  3. Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers!

  4. I LUFFS that dark Iris, its beautiful!
    You've got Oma coming to visit you?!?!? Oh how exciting my darling Chester, I can't wait to hear all about it.
    I'm just going over to 'like' Charlee
    Loves and lucky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  5. You sure have a lot going on Chester. That purple iris is just gorgeous. We bet you will have a great time with Oma and all your guests.

  6. Crikey now Mum's going around singing "hullo darkness my old friend". She's driving me crazy but that is a pretty flower. I would love to be at your house when all the visitors are there. Your Mum sure knows how to cook up a storm and I LOVE food.

  7. Hello Darkness is absolutely stunning!! OMCs...we love it. Somebuddy in your house has a very green thumb!! Guess what Chester, mom saw her first lightning bug and dragon fly of the summer this week. Please ask GW to give Oma an extra hug from us...Omas are very special
    Ohhhh Mr. Chippie munk better thank his lucky stars he is not in your 'hood.
    and Lastly bless Mama Mallard's ducky heart we cannot imagine how she keeps 11 ducklings in a row.
    Heading over to vote for Charlee
    Hugs madi your bfff

  8. Dog gone it you have to be on the book of faces to vote for Charlee...
    we are not.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  9. Sweet update, C. We voted for Miss Charlee on Facebook. She does look pooped. We hope she wins. Your flowers are breathtaking. Have fun with Oma and all the rest of the company this weekend. Also the foodables! Yum!

    Love and licks,

  10. You have such pretty flowers. That wasn't a grasshopper, that was one of Mommy's angles coming to visit. Maybe it is an elderly chipmunk who needs help.

  11. We hope you aren't overdoing the food at the family get together today. Don't want you to be sick from overeating.

    Lovely flowers!

  12. Oh Chester, your blooms are most beautifuls!!!! I hopes you had a FABulous time with Oma, and your Moms took lots and lots of pics! Dang, I would loooooves to chase some chipmunks!!!! We don't have those here ~ do some chasin' for me, k?
    Ruby ♥

  13. Wow the dark purple iris is so so pretty!!! We used to have a chipmunk living here but it was several years ago Have a nice visit with Oma
    Hazel & Mabel

  14. Furst, purple is my mommy's favfurite color, so guess how much she liked your flower photos!
    Secund, we voted fur Miss Charlee.
    Thurd, I hope your fambly gathering has been furrific, and you got to taste evfurrything!

  15. OMD...What a fun and delicious time you are going to have today!!

    ...and such beautimous flowers!!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  16. Lots of great pictures and exciting stuff going on at your place. Love the duck family. We are thinking why would they ever want to leave that place, it has everything a duck could want!

  17. Your deep purple iris is fantastic! Are chipmunk as big of pests as squirrels? They sure are cute. We don't have them in the south. I voted for your friend. I think they are in 2nd place. ♥