Friday, January 13, 2017

Purrs For Jamison

Greetings friends and fans. this is The Daily Bone and I'm your doggie reporter 
Chester L. W. Spaniel.

Today we are doing a special report about our friend Jamison, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Monday January 9, 2017.

We are very sad for his family, but know Jamison is now running free in heaven with our Joey dog, Miss Ginger, and our patron saint Old Charisma, and all our Blogville angel friends. 

I got my kitty cat cousins Maddie and Tibie to do some purring. 

Those of us who cannot purr will now have a moment of silence.

Please visit Jamison's family here: noodle4president

You may also leave condolences at: blogvillepotp

Thank you Christmas at pawprovince for organizing this tribute.


  1. Jamison will always be missed by the ones he loved.

  2. Chester what a lovely tribute and for sure Jamison the Warrior has found a gazillion loving friends to play and romp with over the bridge.
    We just love how you and your cousin had a moment of silence
    Hugs madi your bfff

  3. That is sad, Chester, we sent his furmily some purrs and aroos.

    My doggy cousin, Murphy also had to go to that RB place, on the 12th. He was 14.5 years old, a Cairn terrier. Petcretary feels sad for her sister...

  4. Remembering Jamison today
    Lily & Edward

  5. I bet there's lots of mice up there.

    Miss Oswin from Norway

  6. Our hearts are so sad for Jamison's family.

  7. ******* We just added OUR time of *SILENCE* fur Jamison.

  8. Thank you so much, Chester and Family, for posting about Jamison. Having our friends beside us makes it a little easier. *ear licks* Noodle

  9. Oh we are sad to hear about Jamison :(