Friday, January 27, 2017

An Educated Doggie

Hello. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your perplexed doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel.

I've had a hard time learning what is a squeaky toy and what isn't a squeaky toy. Indeed, the humans have a vast array of things that would qualify as squeaky toys in my mind, but aren't squeaky toys in their minds. On top of that list is ghostwriter's dollies. You see, there is a part of this toy that looks very fuzzy and squeaky toy-like. But if I touch it, I'll get into big trouble!  

Then there's this:

It's not a squeaky toy, but I won't get in as much trouble if I stole it and played keep-away with it, as I would if I stole one of these:

I have also learned that I should leave the birdies who visit our birdie feeder alone. 

Even though this birdie is kind of the same color as this squeaky toy, I know I shouldn't bark at it. 

I even know how to tell the birdies apart! For example, this is a mourning dove:

Sometimes I'll find these doves hiding in the bushes around my yard. I might startle them and they'll fly away (and they make such a wonderful squeaky sound when they fly!) but I won't chase them and try to catch one. However, it's OK to catch one of these noisy old bully grackles:

I know not to bark at this guy:

But if something like this shows up, all bets are off!

I think I've learned a lot in my eight years as a doggie in this household.

This, however, has me totally confused!


  1. My momma has a lotta dem non-squeaky toys too.

  2. Sometimes the humans can really confuse us!!! BUT we think it is probably a very wise idea to leave those beautiful dolls alone - they must be quite treasured by the Ghostwriter.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  3. Chester OMCS this is too funny...Way back BM (before Madi). The first pet of the house was a mighty mini Dachshund named Toto. My sis was 3 when they brought Toto home. Sis love Barbies and it turns out so did Toto. Once he was caught snacking on the long luscious legs of a new Barbie. (Dad called him a leg man) Sis squealed like a stuck pig. This barbie had very long hair too. Sis grabbed the Barbie by the legs and started chasing Toto with the Barbie trying to swat him with the long hair. Mom heard them coming, opened the patio door so Toto could get out, sis followed him screaming don't eat my Barbies. Toto was vertically challenged but he beat sis back in the house and hid behind mom. I can't say that he didn't snack on legs again but for sure not that barbie and not when sis was around
    hugs madi your bfff

  4. It gets so confusing! Hoomans have so many dumb rules and they don't share their stuff like we do!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. We bet those dollies would squeak if she would let you get a hold of them
    Lily & Edward

  6. Chester... we are SO with you on this one... Peeps are a total Mystery... WE have some difficulty distinguishing between what THEY say are good TOYS and what THEY say are THEIRS ONLY.
    We SUSPECT that THEY are keeping the Bestest stuffs FUR THEMSELVES... they prolly bring them all out and Play when they Throw US outside to... take care of Bidness...

  7. We bet that parrot has fun confusing the dogs in the house. We are lucky not to have any of those doll things in the house but we do want to put our mouths on some of our mom's crochet figures she makes.

  8. Wonderful post! Those birds are pretty and that comic is relatable, BOL

  9. Sometimes the only way to find out if something is a squeaker is to squeak it. But don't squeak the birds. They are our friends. I know it is confusing. Maybe you should make a list.

  10. I'm still in trouble for mistaking the 10 pound bag of flour for a squeaky. As much as I punctured the wrapperit just wouldn't make a sound.

    Abby Lab

  11. We are not allowed to play with mom's Garfield stuff
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  12. It is hard being a curious dog sometimes. Mom has a bunch of teddy bears that we aren't allowed to wrestle with either. It seems so unfair. We don't chase birds but squirrels are Pierre's favorite! Your Pal, Bentley

  13. It's true, the pawrents have their own squeakie toys. Befure I went deaf I used to hear daddy's little black one making all kinds of noises. Once he left it on the coffee table fur me, and I chewed the bejeebers out of it but I couldn't make it squeak at all. And when he woke up and found it, I got in big trouble! Selfish pawrents!!

  14. Crikey Chester ..... you sure have learnt a lot, aye?? I wish I were as wise as you. I sometimes chase things I'm not allowed to but I am learning.

  15. I'm allowed to catch mice, which is good, because I like chasing mice. But there aren't many mice where I live now. And the toy mice are just not the same. I am sometimes allowed to play with Mara's hair scrunchies, but I am not allowed to take it out of her hair! Silly rules...

    Miss Oswin from Norway

  16. Mackie gets confused sometimes about not helping himself to mom's stuffs and only touching his stuffs. There is sure a lot that the peeps don't share with us!

  17. Yup...same problem sure gets to be a dilemma sometimes...sigh...around here its big wooden drummers...(Nutcrackers), nd they do not go away after Christmastimes...some are almost as big as petcretary. Sheesh, I would love to try one of their legs:) And there are a lot of blankies here that are off limits too...
    I do bark the birdies from inside, but they are nevfur there when I am outside. I don't know why they all disappear then?