Saturday, October 29, 2016

First Snow And Other News

Hello. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your diligent doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel.

My ghostwriter continues to work all kinds of crazy hours and has been neglecting The Daily Bone. Even these pictures of me are from a week ago! But I will do my best to give you the news. For one thing, we woke up one morning and it had snowed! 

Check it out!

Wow! Snow!

The cold snow made the local birdies very hungry. Loyal readers may remember Mr. Seedcruncher, the CEO of Sparrows Incorporated, with whom I made a deal last year regarding me keeping the Evil Squirrel Cartel out of the birdie feeder. In exchange they bought the arbor vitae bushes behind our back yard fence, and built a luxury sparrow apartment complex, along with a convention center for sparrow activities such as concerts and fights. I have lifetime free tickets to these events! Here's his successor, Mr. Maxwell Flit who renewed our contract for another year.

He had his entire family crammed in the window birdie feeder that snowy day! I also saw the Junco Snowbird Winter Games Committee Chairman Gordon Whitebeak waiting for a peck at the seeds too. When the juncos arrive here from Canada, it means winter is not far behind. See him on the window sill on the left? He was wondering where the suet cakes were. 

I'll have to hurry up and place an order with Dad so he'll get some of those right away! It'll be great to have both sparrows and juncos around this winter. Imagine the entertainment value of sparrow kick-boxing exhibitions, and junco jiu-jitsu matches too! 

Really! Those little birdies sure know how to fight!

Our business transactions did not go without notice by an Evil Squirrel Cartel spy. I've seen this character a few times. He has a stubby face and short ears. I didn't catch his name yet. Perhaps he's an heir to Fatty White-ears or alias Twinkletoes. If anyone knows his name, please let me know.

And don't worry birdies. I'll be keeping that varmint out of the birdie seeds!


The snow didn't last long. In fact today, it was warm enough to open all the windows. Ghostwriter took a few pictures of the colorful leaves.


This just in! My favorite miniature human Ryan got a new car!

I hope he's a better driver than these guys: 

Dog Eat Doug

Ballard Street

I think that's enough news for now. 

I'm going to take a nap and dream about snow. 

Spotted the other day: brand new snow plow. 


  1. NO! we are not ready for snow yet!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  2. Brrrr... I want the summer to come back!
    Your Furend in Vancouver,
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  3. Snow! Not yet!
    Hmm, wunner how the driver gets in an' outta that new fangled snow plow?

    1. I was wondering that too. But actually that thing on the driver's side is another plow blade that can be lowered when in use.

  4. There won't be snow here in Georgia for a loooong time!

  5. Mom can't wait to see Misty's reaction to our first snow, if we ever get one - after last year's abysmal showing, who knows? those sparrows must be very grateful to you for that special feeding box.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  6. We got snow on Thursday too. It made Lady sad.

  7. Glad the snow melted! Always love your pics. :)

  8. So glad our snow melted! That was a surprise for October! I had a horrible time today with my Evil Squirrel Cartel. Those guys are really grating on me. Loved the pictures! Happy Halloween!

  9. We loved seeing and feeling the snow in the morning. Too bad it didn't stick around longer.

  10. We would sure love to go for a spin in Ryan's new car! Our mom flew back from FL on Thursday and she came home to sleet and it was COLD! We are starting to believe the weather peeps that this might be a REAL winter this year.

  11. Yikes!! Too early for snow...we only got rain...

    That is some super duper snowplow...we hope to not see too much of the likes of it around here...having said that, we now have a snow thrower awaiting a goodly snowfall to rid our driveway of it all, BOL!! A big yellow toy for pawppy, sheesh, the thing weighs about 300 pounds, and takes up a lot of space in our shed...but um...well, we can't even start it in the shed, cause it needs an electric cord to start it, BOL!! So it will live in a tarp cover until we can build its own little shed by the house. It seems one thing always leads to another! (I do believe petcretary will stick with her shovel skills instead, BOL!)

    1. Little Ryan sure looks the proud owner of a new vehicle! Petcretary says, give him a hug, and I will give him a licky kiss, too:)