Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Cool Beans Cooper is Around

 Greetings friends and fans! This is The Daily Bone and I'm your chilly doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

As you can see, we got some snow. While I like the snow (it tastes delicious) my ghostwriter doesn't. Well, she does, if she doesn't have to drive in it at night after work (after midnight because the night shift nurse was running late) when it's 3º with strong winds blowing, and the roads not plowed, and other idiot drivers speeding with their highbeams on, and deer running around …

Hey, is that what I sniffed on your car tires this morning? 

Yes, doggies, remember to sniff your humans' car tires whenever you can. They always pick up cool scents! Oh, and make sure the car is not going anywhere while you do this. 

Anyway, back to business, long time readers will remember that we have a friendly, neighborhood Cooper's hawk that's been around for a long time. His name is Mr. Cool Beans Cooper. Sometimes we don't see him for months, and then he just shows up. It's very hard to get a picture of him, but this is the best shot we have for now:

Of course we know he's here for the birdie cafeteria in our yard, except he's not looking for seeds. Sometimes he swoops by, and other times he bumbles around in the bushes looking for birdies. 

Hey, Mr. Cool Beans Cooper, we have plenty of big, fat squirrels you can help yourself to!

Just saying.


  1. Thanks for the awesome report. We had some snow here as well, but melted mostly all the way the next day. It was meeting your hawk pal Mr. Cool Beans Cooper. We love that name. Have a wonderful rest of your week.
    World of Animals Rittenhouse

  2. I am thrilled Mr. Cool Beans is back. Mommy is like yours, she doesn't like the snow either.

  3. You are such a cute boy, Chester, and we love you in your longer furs for the winter. I have never thought to sniff mom's tires. Maybe it's because it's always parked inside the garage and I only pass by them when I'm headed outside to play on my lungeline.

  4. You look like you're enjoying the snow, Chester. It sure has been cold the past couple of days. We're looking forward to warmer temps today.

  5. Chester, that is a great shot of Cooper. Nice that he came back to visit.

    Please tell the Ghostwriter to be very careful on those roads at night. We will have to check out the smells on the tires of our peeps' cars too.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  6. First, the Cooper is really cool!
    Second, we want to commend your ghost writer for being able to stay up past 9:30. Lady is doing a training 1x a week for 6 weeks that runs 8-93:0 at night and will likely be crying from being tired.
    Third, and maybe most important, we hope your gw has very safe drives home. Winter, dark = not as much fun!
    Lee and Phod

  7. Chester my handsome friend...good to see you today and catch up on things.
    I had a good chuckle when I read 'sniff the car tires'. Toto the mighty mini Dachshund would 1000% agree with that. Often when he sniffed ours he would roll over on his back and wiggle to get near whatever he was smelling
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. Hawks and squirrels are a great combination - for the worst reasons ever. I also like smelling car tires. Not only Mom's car, but EVERY car in the entire parking garage under my apartment. Mom says, "OMG! You're SO SLOW!!" I'm not slow. I'm busy.

    Love and licks,

  9. MJF used to sniff the cars' tires and then he would add some PeeMail to them for others to read when the cars would go on an outing.

    Hope your Cooper's Hawk finds enough to eat...of the rodent type, not the birdies...

    Stay safe on the dark, snowy and icy roads!! Petcretary knows too well of those perils...