Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Too Much Working!

 Hello everyone! This is The Daily Bone and I'm your doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

Sorry we haven't been around much lately. My ghostwriter got stuck working the entire Thanksgiving holiday! They are very short staffed at the nursing home right now, and need her to pick up more work days. But don't worry. Dad is always home to take care of me. 

Here in Western New York, we've had snow on and off, but it always melts quickly. 

Hundreds of Canada geese are still flying around. They wake us up almost every morning! 

Meanwhile, the Evil Squirrel Cartel has been rather annoying! Here are the three we usually see as they snarf up birdie seed that the birdies drop for their feeder. 

Get lost!

As if that weren't enough, check out this one hanging on the screen of the kitchen window:

Hey, where's that feeder?

Awe, nuts!

The nerve of that guy!

A little later, alias Twinkletoes III returned to see if the humans had put fresh suet in the feeder. 

I'm running out of patience, dog face!

Oooooh, I'm sooooo scared! 

In other news, we were very sad to hear that one of our good friends, Abby crossed the Rainbow Bridge recently. Several years ago, Abby accompanied our angel, Joey dog to a big Blogville Valentine's Day party. Those were some great times!

Here's a link to her blog:  thebookofbarkley


  1. Those squirrels are just way too bold! Tell 'em off, Chester! The weather peeps are saying that we may get a dusting of snow tomorrow. My paws are crossed!

  2. Wow! you are over run with squirrels! Kozmo and me would LOVE to terrorize them! Especailly the cheeky one on the window! We are sad to hear about Abby. Though I don't remember her, Mom does from when Nellie Bellie blogged. We are sorry for the loss of your furrend and we send you and your peeps love and strength.

  3. We sure wish we had more snow than we've been having. Those squirrels you have sure are bold! We were sorry to hear that Abby went to the Bridge. It sure was fun going to all those Blogville events back in the day.

  4. You tell those squirrels, Chester!!! They have way too much nerve!!! Your Ghostwriter is very good to cover all those extra hours, but be sure she takes care of herself too.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. Those squirrels have no respect for anything. We love lost some great friends.

  6. SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!! So RUDE!!!! AGH!!!!!!! I will bite through the screen! Let me at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. OH MY DOGS Chester how that tree rate is cruizin' for a brusin'. Hanging from your window screen...he obviously is a few nuts short of a brain.

    I recall Abby and Joey at the Valentine Bash.
    I hope GW will get lots of time off at Christmas since she worked all of T-giving
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. Hello and ... oh my, we hope your Mommy gets a bit of a break and some rest and joy during the coming holidays. As much as they need her, she deserves a little bit we think!
    PS to Mom: we saw a really interesting study (in the Washington Post), done by Cornell Univ., on ornithology, do not recall actual name of it ... over 30K general public, backyard birders contributed to it (they're always looking for more volunteers). It was fascinating, mostly on the pecking order of backyard birds, at feeders, etc., (noting squirrels always win). Anyway, if you did not see it, but are interested, I can send the LINK to you. Just either email me, or comment, it
    really was a fun read! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  9. I know all about the shortage of staffing...its like that where I work, too...

    Those squirrels!! How rude they can be...BOL! Dalton almost had one the other day, got within a foot of the varmint!

    Sorry you lost another good furend, Chester.

  10. Too many squirrels are never a good thing. Good thing you're there to tell him off, C.

    Love and licks,

  11. Thank you for remembering Abby. We both missed Chester a lot when he left for the Bridge.