Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Bittersweet in Spring

 Greetings friends and fans! This is The Daily Bone and I'm your dignified doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted, but we've had a busy time lately. First of all, you may notice that I am now sporting a shorter and less shaggy haircut. Indeed, I went to visit my friend and groomer, Miss Jacquie who works out of the vet's office. I also got a bit of bad news. After my recent vet visit, I found out I had contracted Lyme disease! My ghostwriter was so shocked! As many may know, Lyme disease is spread by deer ticks. And there are definitely no deer running around in my yard! I haven't gone anywhere else that might have deer either. But the vet said it could have come from a smaller furry mammal. 

I suspect it was the Secretive Bunny Militia! After all the snow melted, we found lots of piles of bunny poop in the grass. You may remember that a few weeks ago there were clumps of bunny fur on the ground under the pear tree too. 

Or maybe it was from this guy! Grrrrrrr!

I'm taking medication for it, and have gotten my first immunization against Lyme disease. My message to my readers is to be aware of this disease and have your doggie tested for it. 

I'm doing OK now!

But now I have some very sad news.

My NC associate and dear friend, Angus B. Terrier, has crossed the bridge. Long time readers will remember that Angus was originally from England. When his humans moved to NC, they left Angus with some very good friends. But then, they missed him so much, they had him get on a jet plane and travel all the way across the Atlantic Ocean! Wow! 

Angus enjoyed following his humans everywhere, including the local pub, and was a world class squirrel chaser. We're going to miss him a lot!

I shall now bring you outside, live and on location, to my back yard to do some exploring.

We FINALLY have a few flowers! 

Looking up, we noticed the sun had a halo around it. 

That means rain or snow will be coming to spoil our nice, warm spring weather and …

Hey, are there kids playing over there?

I should go bark at them!

They're running and biking everywhere!

But I'm a professional reporter. Harumph!

Good night.


  1. You look great. I am sorry about the Lyme Disease but we dogs handle it much better than humans. River tested positive for it in 2015, and still tests positive, but never has had an issue.

  2. Oh Chester, I am happy to see your HANDSOME face, and I thinks your furcut looks FABulous!
    Sorry abouts the Lyme disease,that sucks. Butts I am glads your smart vettie tested for it, so you can take the meds and feel much betters. And I am super sad abouts Agnes. He was an adorable lad. I am sendin' lots and lots of {{{hugs}}} and AireZens your way, and to his peeps. ❤💔❣
    nows...go bark at those shrunken peeps!
    Ruby ♥

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Wow. You sure delivered some sad news! Sorry to hear about Angus. I don’t remember him but Lady does. And sorry about the Lyme disease, that’s a bummer.
    Your haircut is stylish!

  4. Lyme disease is such a scourge, we are sorry you have tested positive for that.

    Our Grandma had that for years, we think it made her Alzheimer's much worse...because it was chronic and not found soon enough.

    Sorry to hear about Angus, its always hard to loose good friends. Give our condolences to his family.

    You look good with your newly groomed furs, Chester!

    Happy Spring!

  5. You look even more handsome with your shorter furs, Chester! I have had Lyme disease too and the symptoms disappear pretty quickly, thank doG. We hear that even mice can carry the dreaded tick. We are so sorry to hear about your friend Angus.

  6. Dear Mr Chester, though you are looking quite marvelous we are sad you have caught the Lymes thing so when you run around midst your pretty flowers, be careful, OK? And don't forget to take your medicines to keep you well! Your friend Angus was a very cute boy, tell his family we wish him an easy journey beyond the bridge, there will be many good pups to greet and welcome him. Take care now, and stay safe, your friend, JUNE

  7. We're sorry to hear about your friend going to the Bridge, Chester. The weather sure has been nice lately but now we are getting some much needed rain. We can't believe you have flowers blooming already! Our daffies are just starting to pop out of the ground and we don't live that far from you.

  8. Chester my goodness me I'm very thankful your meds are working and you have had your Lyme vaccine. Sending hugs and should you need it a posse to rid your yard of disease carrying vermin.

    I'm so very sorry to read about Angus' passing over to the Bridge. In the same breath very glad he has time here in NC with his peeps. Look at your blooms
    Stay well and hugs

  9. Hi Chester! Lyme disease is scary! We have ticks here and us animals get checked all the time. We are sad to read about Angus. We are sorry for your loss.
    I am so grateful and happy that you guys are part of my life! Thank you for being at my birthday party today. Celebrating with you and other friends was the best part of the day. - Slobbery Kisses Cinnamon

  10. Your flowers are very spring-y, C. What a bummer about Lyme Disease. Lucky that the vet found out about it and was able to give you the good medicine. I always knew bunnies and squirrels were dangerous. Blerg.

    Love and licks,

  11. Oh Chester, we are so sorry to hear about the Lyme Disease. Lightning got bit last year by a tick that bore a hole in his back near his tail. He had to have surgery to clean it up and then took doxycycline for three weeks. So far we think he is OK, and we hope you will be too. Those ticks can hide in the tiniest of places. All paws crossed for you to do well.

    So sorry to hear about Angus. We did not know him but it sounds like he was a great pup with a wonderful family. Soft woos and gentle hugs to them from us.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  12. Hi friend! Ojo here! Bunny poop? Hurray! Ticks are not-so-hurray. I get to eat something called Bravecto every three months so they won't stick to me. I am very good at finding ticks. We are sorry to hear about your friend Angus. Also - lyme disease??? Oh no! My person says that is very ouchie in the body! I hope you get better soon!!!

  13. OMD, I'm sorry you got limes! I hope that you're still feeling okay. Definitely blame the tree rats.

    Angus looks like he was a grreat guy. My great-aunt Kaitlin flew all the way across the Atlantic when she was just 2 years old! She lived with Momma when she lived in England for a few years, then came home to Texas with everyone!

  14. Answering your question on Pup
    the day after he was found wondering they took him to the vet to check for a chip.
    He had one. The # was called. that person said he had to move and could not take Pup(makes my blood boil) he gave him to a friend a year ago. He told them given name and gave them the # of the person he gave him too. That person was worthless too said she could keep him. I don't know if she let him go or what but his new furever home said NO WORRIES HE HAS A FOREVER HOME HERE. His 3rd home was definitely a CHARM.
    Hugs to you all

    1. Thank GW answering my question. Cornelius, NC is about 3+ hours from us. I think near Charlotte.
      Hugs Cecilia

  15. My deepest sympathy to you and the family of Angus and all who loved him. I will include Angus in the March edition of 'Our Rainbow Friends' that will publish on April 15.