Saturday, January 25, 2020

Catch Up Day

Greetings friends and fans! This is The Daily Bone and I'm your faithful doggie reporter
Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

It's been a long time since I posted a report! That's because it's been rather boring quiet around here. So I'm going to start with an amazing story by my Florida associate Miss Charlee.

Hi Chester and hello everyone! Miss Charlee here, your attentive doggie reporter from South Florida, where we had a bit of a cold snap. On January 21, there was a Falling Iguanas Warning!

I kid you not! Those reptiles can get pretty big: up to 20 pounds and five feet long! Can you imagine one of them falling on your car window, or on your head? 

But don't worry. As soon as it warmed back up, the iguanas woke up and climbed back up the trees! 

Thanks for that interesting report Miss Charlee. The weather here in Western New York has been mostly cold and snowy. Surely no iguanas would survive here, let alone fall out of the trees!  

However, we do have the Evil Squirrel Cartel climbing in the trees! They've been out almost every day snarfing seeds from under the feeders. They tried to break into the actual bird feeders, but were foiled yet again! On these feeders, the ports close if something as heavy as a squirrel gets on it.

I chased them a few times. But I was having problems with snow balls getting stuck on my feet.

We cocker spaniels have fur that grows between our toes. It needs to be trimmed every so often. So I went to see my favorite groomer, Miss Jacquie.

Here I am with my fresh buzz cut. Now I'll be better able to chase those scoundrels!

For my next story, the sky this week was an endless source of wonder.
Here are some photos, in no particular order:

The dark spots in this picture are actually snow flakes.

Here in WNY, most of our snow storms are caused by cold fronts crossing over the Great Lakes. This is otherwise known as lake-effect weather. I have not seen any fishes falling out of the sky, though.

I promised my kitty cat cousins, Hanni (aka Hannibal) Maddie (aka Medusa or The Kitten Overlord) and Tibie (aka Tiberius) I would let them know immediately if I ever saw fishes falling from the sky! 

Oh, and one more news item: 
It's been seven weeks since my ghostwriter had surgery to replace her right knee joint. The knee is doing very well, and she goes to physical therapy to do strengthening exercises. 

Good night.

Here is a link to a scholarly treatise about lake-effect snow:


  1. Hi Chester! We sure are getting the full mixed bag of precipitation here today. First it was rain, then sleet and a few minutes ago big snow flakes were falling and now it's back to rain. We're afraid all our snow is going to wash away. That cartoon about lake effect snow is cracking us up.

    1. Yes. I was very disappointed this morning to wake up to rain and sleet! Blah!

  2. Falling iguanas bless their itty bitty lizard hearts. Here in NC on our coast we have what they called Stunned Turtles...washing up on the shore, due to colder waters. Luckily they washed up near several turtle rehab centers. I LOVE YOUR FELINE associates...mol mol"Maddie (aka Medusa or The Kitten Overlord" my Madi was certainly overlord of her Casa. All your associates are very gorgeous. Hugs Cecilia

  3. We heard about the iguanas falling out of the trees in FL and no, mom would not like one to fall on her head! Thank goodness they don't live up north! Your winter photos are just beautiful! Stay warm with less furs, Chester.

  4. Yikes, Iguanas they survive if they fall a long way?? Or get concussions?

    We prefer hearing about pigeons falling out of the sky, which does happen sometimes in very cold cities, it happened in Winnipeg, Manitoba one year. A pup or maybe a kitty, could get a meal for free that way...

    Loved seeing your canine and feline cousins!
    Glad to know your GW is healing up and getting stronger by the day. One of these days we might hear about her return to work?

    Woofs & Purrs!

  5. I'm think you could get gobsmacked, thunderstruck, dazed by a Falling Iguanas. Why if a dog tried to eat one they could get botulism! They are not like mana from heaven!
    Sweet William The Scot

    1. Actually, people do eat them. They're called chicken of the trees.

  6. If we had falling iguanas here that would be a big story. We have the same problem with our paws. They get filled with snow. We call them snow shoes.

  7. All we get here is ocean-effect fog and rain. No falling iguanas, but we heard about that. Aren't you cold with that crew-cut??!

  8. I haven't seen a single snowflake yet this year! I wish we would get some.

    Klem, Mara

  9. Thanks for catching us up, C. Very thorough report as usual. If I ever saw a falling iguana or a falling fish, I’m pretty sure I would hide behind Mom. Once she dropped the remote and I almost fell off the couch with fear.

    Love and licks,

  10. I'm glad Ghostwriter is improving. Knee surgery is never fun. We saw the news about falling iguanas. They reported one guy loaded his car up with the frozen ones and when he started driving, the car warmed and woke them up. He wrecked the car. (You can't fix stupid!)

  11. I had to chuckle at those falling iguanas - It's bad enough to have to watch for snakes in trees, but a falling iguana is a whole other level! :-)

    But I love your report, and sorry about that snow getting stuck in between your toes - I love your snow, because I continue to be jealous of it - But I'm not jealous of those crazy squirrels. We started with 2-3 of them a few weeks ago, and today I counted 6 - I never said they could invite friends!!

    Take care, and continued good vibes for the Ghostwriter!!

  12. Happy to see you again Friend, you've been missed. We thought an iguana had bopped you on the head!!! You are so lucky to have all that snow to runabout in, I've only had crunchy (and somewhat dirty) ice which does hurties on my toes 'n' paws ... glad to hear Mz Momma is doing well and keeping up properly with her therapee ... WoofWoof from Dougie Dog

  13. OMD, falling iguanas?! What a weirdo world we live in!

  14. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! Question - do you think iguanas needs barking at like squirrels do?

  15. Oh, your snow looks FABulous my furiend! And so do you! Ms. Jackie sure does a FABulous job!
    Nows...if only squirrels would fall outta the trees, that would make my life a whole lot easier....
    Ruby ♥

  16. Hi Chester! Poor thing Iguana! Can't imagine falling off from the tree... Good news is that your ghostwriter's knee is doing well!! Yay! :)

    It's snowing here in Toronto. Stay warm, friend!

    Pinot xo