Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Secret Identities

Good evening. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your dashing doggie reporter Special Agent 
Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

I didn't dress up as anything for Halloween. But that doesn't mean I did absolutely nothing. As a matter of fact, I had lots of dire responsibilities that required me to make use of my ability to instantly morph into a totally different doggie!

I was on duty the whole evening protecting our house from all kinds of ghosts and goblins that were running around the neighborhood and ringing our doorbell and shouting "trick-or-treat!" For this, I used my big boy bark technique that makes alien invaders think I'm really a crazy old junk yard watch doggie. 

My other job this evening was to assume my secret alias: Mr. Underfoot. You see Dad came home from the hospital this afternoon after getting a new knee. Yes, just like my ghostwriter did a year ago, Dad got a total knee replacement yesterday. Of course I simply HAD to stick close to him wherever he went. It's my duty as a cocker spaniel to always be as close to my humans as possible, especially if my human is groaning and moaning and using a clunky walker thing to  get around! 

Don't worry. He'll be all right. Ghostwriter changed into her own secret identity: Battle Axe Nurse. (She calls herself that because she's been a nurse since 1981.) Anyway, she'll get him shaped up in no time! 

In the meantime, some of my other family members had fun changing into their secret identities. 

Fire fighter Ryan

Busy bee Lily

Handsome devil Jason

Elvira Jessy

Scary raven Joanna

We had some excellent looking pumpkins out by the front steps.

We had a scary ghosty boo and a tombstone! Oh, and Mr. Bones Daily had to work this evening by changing into his role as a spooky Halloween skeleton. 

As you can see, it looks like he was sitting down on the job for the entire evening! He's always been kind of a lazy bones! The rest of the year, he just hangs around and keeps an eye on Dad's workshop.

Well, it's getting late now and everything has quieted down. Time for me to assume my third and final secret identity: 

Sleepy time Chester


  1. Your familie's secret identities are awesome, Chester! We can't stop laughing at Ghostwriter☺ We are sending your dad lots of lots of healing vibes!

  2. Oh you are soooo BRAVE my Darling Chester, seeing off all those ghouls and ghosties.
    Get well soon Dad, I'm sure with Ghostwriter and my Darling Chester looking after you you will be all better in no time at all but I am also sending special healing licky kisses to you to help thingys along as well
    What GREAT Halloween costumes your peeps and mini peeps created Chester, I am VERY impressed
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Well done Chester! Secret identities are so much better than getting forced to wear silly things!

    Miss Oswin from NI

  4. You did a great job snoopervising last night Chester. We are lucky that since we have such a long, unlit driveway and very few little people in our neighborhood we never get any Trick or Treaters. Our pawrents buy candy just in case but we know they just like an excuse to eat candy.

  5. Chester gentle healing hugs to Dad's knee. You are the best of the best home nurses since you learned all you know from GW.
    Your family did a smashing job for their Halloween costumes, each 100% adorable or scary.
    Your pumpkins were prize winners
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. Wow Chester, it's amazing how many different furs you wear...and all in one day!
    Sending POTP for quick healing for your Dad!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  7. Mom got a new knee a few years ago, C. I was in your position of helping her. My typical technique was to lie next to her in her chair and rest my bony, hard head on her sore knee. She usually said, "Get off me, weirdo." That means she liked it. ….Right?

    Love and licks,

  8. We are sure you performed your responsibilites with great finesse. And we loved all those family costumes - so creative. That bumble bee is just too cute.

    Hope your Dad's knee heals nicely.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  9. That sounds like a busy and pawsome Halloween! At furst I thought you deserved a furrific costume like the rest of your fambly, but then I realized with all of your secret identities, you didn't need one! Good work!

  10. When mommy had her knee done Foley spent all her time sitting on her while she recovered and when the PT or nurses came she sat on mommy's shoulder. I know you can be a good PA. You did a great job Halloween night.

  11. Looks like you had a wickedly festive good time!

  12. I have so many comments on your post! First, give your dad some extra snuggles and we hope he will sit and heel (heal) quickly. Having a nurse and cocker spaniel makes him very lucky! Your families Halloween costumes are THE BEST!!!! I love them ALL. The Bayou Boys got there bark on here too but I sat outside and handed out the candy. ☺

  13. Busy indeed! We didn't have those doorbell-ringers here so I was a quiet pup! BOL! As if...

    Hope by now your Dad is walking better and in less pain. Those knees can give a lot of issues, I hear. Not here least not yet, tee-he! Your Ghostwriter will be busy at home as well as at her work, now...Hmmm...

    Loved seeing all the alter egos!