Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Never Forget

Hello everyone. We are here today, 17 years after the attack of September 11, 2001, with tears in our eyes, still. We will never forget.

My ghostwriter remembers the exact day it happened. She and Joanna got in the car and drove to the American Red Cross building to donate blood. There was a long line of cars with people trying to do the same thing, which was to help out in some kind of meaningful way, and a person going from car to car, giving out rain checks and telling everyone that there were very few survivors of the attacks, and that the Red Cross could no longer handle all the incoming donations that day. Ghostwriter thought she'd never see the day that the American Red Cross said they had more than enough blood!

Here's a good site with a summary of that day:

These are our tributes from the previous 5 years that The Daily Bone has been reporting:


  1. Our family lost a friend who was on the first flight. In Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York it is hard to find someone who did not lose a family member of a friend on that day.

  2. My momma remembers it too - she wuz a freshman in high school. It wuz an awful day.

  3. Petcretry was taking me, Pipo and Angel Minko to the vet office...and they didn't know about it yet...so she told them and they turned on the TV in their break room...

    We had a ANG base here at the time, flying the A10's...and on that day and some of the following it was really eerily quiet around here, cause of the no fly orders that went into effect for a few days

    1. We live near an airport too. It was very quiet that day with no jets taking off.

  4. Mom and dad and angel Maggie had just come home from their walk and heard the news on the radio and thought they were hearing wrong so they turned on the TV and watched with horror. We can never forget - not ever!

  5. That was a sad day and a day our pawrents will never forget.

  6. Mom remembers where and what she was doing just like it was yesterday..same with President Kennedy she was in 9th grade Civics class.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  7. We don't remember, but our person does. She tells us stories of the brave Dogs who helped too...

  8. We are excited to learn your Oma has been moved to where her family can visit her and vice versa. It will be so nice to have her over for Thanksgiving or whenever she can come.