Monday, March 3, 2014

New Dogs in Cars Ads

Hello friends and doggies! This is The Daily Bone and I'm your lovable doggie host Chester L. W. Stephens.
Great news today: I found three more dogs in cars ads. Wow! Subaru should pay me for advertising since I always feature their ads on The Daily Bone. Here are the links below.

In other news I heard from my good friend The Lady Galadriel (Lady) this weekend. In spite of her recent cancer diagnosis, she is feeling OK and enjoying the wonderful warm weather on Planet Florida. My associate Joseph (Joey dog) Stephens and I think she should enter a beauty contest. Isn't she gorgeous? What are her beauty secrets you might ask? The answer is lots of yum yums, fresh air and sunshine, plus abundant TLC from her humans.

Here in Western New York today, we have plenty of fresh air and sunshine, but the temperature is a frigid 9 degrees! It's a good thing we doggies still have our shaggy coats on. And that's a memo.
Hah! We scoff at cold weather! 

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