Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Crazy Bird

Hello everyone. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

We have a new Crazy Bird! Yes indeed! A little yellow goldfinch has been fighting with his reflection in our dining room window! Here he is now!

Hello birdie!

Oh oh. Where'd he go?

Watch carefully now. Here he comes again from the top right side of the window.

I'm pretty sure he's not getting hurt pecking at his reflection. 

My ghostwriter says he's been going after the rear view mirrors on the cars too, and leaving plenty of little poops as evidence.

Long time readers may remember that we had another crazy bird in 2013: a bright red cardinal who continued his attacks for a couple weeks before he finally gave up.

Several years before that, we had a cowbird (named Dummy bird) who would attack his reflection inside the window birdie feeder. (That feeder has a one-way mirror so we could watch the birdies without them seeing us.) He was so persistent that soon his tail and wing feathers were in tatters. We finally had to take the feeder out for a week before he went away. 

Here's a link to our post from way back in 2013 about Crazy bird the cardinal. Back then I sometimes wrote about politics. Looking back, I see the more things change, the more they stay the same! 

Friday, July 5, 2019

Nature Friday

Hello faithful readers! This is The Daily Bone and I'm your soaking wet doggie reporter 
Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

The reason I'm soaking wet is because there was a thunder storm today.  

It didn't last long, and soon the sun came out again. 

Of course as soon as the rain stopped I went out in my back yard to explore all the interesting scents the rain brought out.

Wow! It's a swamp over here! So I couldn't exactly help it if I got all wet  running through puddles and under dripping plants and bushes!

Later ghostwriter did a lot of work in her garden in the front yard. Here are a few pictures.

A Japanese beetle was eating up the petals of this flower! 

There was a little funnel web spider happily weaving her new web in the sunshine.

This admiral butterfly was kind enough to sit still for a portrait!

It turned out to be a nice evening.

We were treated to a beautiful sunset.

Can you see the moon peeking out on the upper left side of the photo below? We haven't seen the moon in a long time. (I'd better go out and send a moon message to my dearest  Princess Leah.) 

Good night!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Hot Summer Day

Greetings! This is The Daily Bone and I'm your earnest doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

Today was a classic hot summer day! 90ยบ and muggy.

The sky was filled with big, puffy, white clouds!

And the garden is full of flowers.




The first lily (with a hover fly on it)

Milkweed, with a honey bee

Hey, what's this? Snow in July?

Nope. It's just the petals falling off the hawthorn tree blossoms.

The bright sun is making me squint!

I think I'd better go inside where it's nice and cool.

Ah, that's better!

My ghostwriter has to work tomorrow. So we're wishing everyone a happy 4th of July today!

Here's a reminder for pets on this holiday from our friends at zoolatry.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Little Things and Big Things

Hello everyone. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your dedicated doggie reporter 
Chester L. W. Spaniel. 

My ghostwriter has been working a lot the past few days, so she's way behind on reading our good friends' blogs. We'll try to get caught up today. But first I wanted to give you some of my news from the back yard. We spotted some little things in the garden. 

Little snail sleeping on a rock.

Tiny ants digging up the sand.

A funny little mushroom.

About a week ago we saw the moon in the sky. That bright spot to the right of it is the planet Jupiter! It looks like it's way smaller than the big full moon. But actually Jupiter is many times bigger than our planet Earth. At the end of this post is a link to a scholarly treatise about Jupiter. (Oh, and that blue thing below the moon is just a reflection on the camera lens, and not an alien space craft!) 

In other news, my Florida associate Miss Charlee sent me a picture of a great big iguana that visited her yard. She said her Jessy human was out on the driveway cooking dinner on the smoker grill, and Iggy there walked up to her, and did some push-ups, before climbing up the tree. Iguanas are not native to South Florida. They were mostly brought there as pets and were released or escaped into the wild. Now they're all over, and grow up to be huge like this one.  

It was a big day last Friday when my favorite young human, Ryan, got off the big yellow school bus on the last day of school. Hooray!

Here's a picture of a big thing I saw coming around the block in front of my house. It's the super noisy roaring monster earth-shaking vacuum street cleaner machine truck! There have been times when we saw squirrels literally fly out of the treetops when they heard this truck go by! 

Too bad it only comes around a few times a year. I think it should go around our block at least once a week if nothing else but to give the Evil Squirrel Cartel a scare!


And now I'd like to give a BIG thank you to our good friend Ann, along with Zoey and Dougie at Zoolatry for giving The Daily Bone such a wonderful review! Here's a link to her post:

Be sure to click on all the links on that post to visit even more pets and to see some of the wonderful artwork Ann does and shares with all of our blogger friends.

Check out the details in this great picture. There's me, with a grackle on my head, and my favorite chewy bone, along with several of our other blogger friends. Again, be sure to click on all the links on the Zoolatry post to meet some of them. Thanks again to Ann for featuring The Daily Bone!

Oh, oh.  Is that Special Agent Bun Bun I see over there.

Excuse me, but I've got to run …