Thursday, September 17, 2015

Disaster In Spiderland

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you this fast breaking news flash. I'm your on-the-spot doggie reporter Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel.

Today the secret passage to Spiderland (and the front yard) was opened! This is the space between the shed and the side of the house that is usually blocked by a fence and a boat. 

That's right, a boat! We doggies have no idea why a boat would be stuck in that passage way! 

Our humans went into this passage, raked out the accumulated leaves and debris, cleaned out the gutters, and swept the old spider webs and dirt off the siding of the house and the shed. 

The Daily Bone has exclusive footage of the state of these gutters that haven't been cleaned out for a long time. Trees were starting to grow in there! (Dad had designed these gutters so that they could be easily removed and the contents dumped into the compost pile.) 

However, there was a large community of spiders living in that passage whose homes have now been destroyed. 

Mrs. Cecilia Spinner was one of the more fortunate ones. Her web was left intact.

Mr. Thomas Noddy was not so lucky. His brand new web was totally destroyed. 

We doggies were stuck inside the house while all this occurred. But when we were finally released, we found the passage had been closed back up again. 

My diligent colleague Chester L. W. Spaniel and I did a thorough examination of the area and found no way back into Spiderland. 

Our humans would like to express their condolences to the spiders who were displaced during the project, but they can be assured that this area will not be disturbed again at least until next year. 

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program. 



  1. seems like a gate would be a lot easier than having to move the boat each season :)

  2. Sorry but Mom says she has no sympathy for spiders - they totally give her the heebee jeebees!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  3. We do NOT like the spiders though Mom tries to leave them alone so they eat more damaging little critters.

    Abby Lab

  4. At least no one peed on the chairs. Spiders are okay...outside.

  5. CRAP!!!! CRAP!!!!! CRAP!!!!!!!! Ma KNEW when she saw the title to this postie, she should just not look..she is deeply regretting this now. Did you REALLY HAVE to show a close up of the said spider??????? Now Ma is gonna have to drink like 87 margaritas to calm down! 87!!!!! I don't thinks she's gonna wake up til Monday....
    hmmmm, this could be good....PAWTY at my place!!!
    Ruby ♥

  6. Bummer that you got locked out. What a fun place to sniff and explore!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  7. We have granddaddy long legs that leave their webs all over our old house, mom has to clean them up everyday.............stella rose

  8. There is some nutty stuff in your passage way
    Lily & Edward

  9. It's just a sad state of affairs when you are kept out of such a good sniffing area like that passageway. And if the trees in that gutter were planted, soon you would have lots more squirrel dudes to,chase! BOL!

  10. Mom had to do some spider removal this week too. Going to get worse when she and Gramps clean out the gutters this week end. Good seeing you all :)